WHERE can i find plexiglass pipe?!

I need some plexiglass pipe for an arts & crafts project, and I have looked EVERYWHERE. Basically what i’m wanting is clear plastic pipe, not PVC. I KNOW it exists, but no one seems to know where to find any. I live in Austin, TX if that helps point me to a local supply. Thanks. :slight_smile:


I didn’t have much time to spend doing a detailed search, but try searching for the terms ‘acrylic tubing’.

Try here:

Plastic Land
357 Canal Street
New York, NY 10013

They sell all types of plexi and acrylic.

I’ve always been a believer in the saying “If you can’t find it on Canal Street, it doesn’t exisit”

Clear PVC is available. It might be cheaper than plexiglass. In Austin, try Ryan Herco or Southwest Hi-Tech.

Just out of curiosity, does your ‘arts and crafts’ project rhyme with the word ‘gong’?

Just curious

try here:


this is a chain - you shouldn’t have to go far

McMaster-Carr has both transparent PVC and acrylic hollow rods that might fit your need. They have both cast and extruded acrylic; the extruded looked to be a lot cheaper. I don’t know if they have local stores, I’ve only used them as mail-order.

You can browse their catalog and order at www.mcmaster.com

      • I never did the whole drug thing, but I understand you really want Pyrex for that sort of thing…

Thanks for the help! FWIW, the project i had in mind did not rhyme with gong. Ever see one of those 5’ tall lighted bubbling
things you stand in the corner for decoration (that does NOT rhyme with gong)? I was thinking about making a table top sized one. :slight_smile: Thanks again.


I just visited a plexiglass store & they have clear pipe in lots of sizes. Even some glass stores locally have it. Kind of depends what city you are in.


Just out of curiosity, does your ‘arts and crafts’ project rhyme with the word ‘gong’? Just curious - comradegonzo

Oh my god… a 5’ clear plexiglass DONG???
[Grinny face here]

Just kidding about the ‘gong’ – that actually sounds really cool. Sorry I can’t think of anywhere to get the piping.


Get your mind out of the gutter, stuyguy, he meant schlong. Oh, wait…

I don’t know for certain, but you might find clear plastic pipe at a pet store, for use in aquariums. It seems like I’ve seen it there before, for use in the tank filters.