I need sappy Youtube videos stat!

Every once in a while I get drunk by myself on a weekend night and get into emotional overdrive mode. Please feed me something sappy and emotional (and preferably musical), but not overly sad and depressing. Any ideas?

Here is one of my first threads, titled “Your Favorite Depressing Songs”. Some good stuff in there.

There are a bunch of Youtube vids of soldiers home from overseas, surprising their families. Watch a few of those, then one or two of soldiers and their dogs, and I promise you’ll be sobbing your eyes out. But in a good way.

Here you go…A Den Of Kittens; a video of a knot of small gray kittens, resting together in a bed, all purring loudly. It’s like freebasing Prozac.

Ohhhh yeaauh…tha’s th’ shtufff…

Here’s a link to Isaac’s Live Lip-Dup Proposal which is worth a watch! :slight_smile:

As usual, I’ll nominate Abby & Rosco - Best Friends.

And a recent one that someone else linked in another thread: Get Closer.

Heather Martin - When Are You Coming Home

A little girl singing about her brother who is over seas in the military.

Baby hears his mother for first time(cochlear implant turned on).

Hedgehog eats a carrot. OMFG. Happy times.

A Boy And His Frog. Video and audio quality isn’t the best, but still.

Stoically sadness-inducing:

Black Lab’s “This Night” <song is awesome, Arkham City-themed video>

Yoko Kanno’s “Space Lion”, with Cowboy Bebop video. Didn’t see a version of the original scene in English, or I’d have posted that, as it’s very powerful. The song itself is amazing all alone, though; this is cuts of Cowboy Bebop scenes and does fairly well.

Elbow’s “Grounds For Divorce” with a House theme, of course.


And, last but not least <found the others while looking for this one as I couldn’t remember it’s name!!> is

“Eye of the Storm” by Lovett.

Absolutely perfect.**

Baby Sloths!

Recently posted in another thread: Dancing Matt.

Australian comedian Tim Minchin sings White Wine in the Sun, a song about what Christmas means to him (an atheist). It gets pretty sappy.

After watching these, I have to break a beer bottle over my head to regain my manliness.


OK, two bottles now.

The opening to the French cartoon series “Magic” (aka “A Kind of Magic” in English).

And yes…that’s a Queen cover they’re using as the opening. And it’s adorable.