I need some advice on a challenging game question

Interesting quandary – need unusual gaming advice

I have a really good friend, a young Yemeni guy in his mid-20s who was born & raised in America. About two years ago he married a young woman from his family’s hometown in Yemen. After waiting all this time, she has finally been permitted to come here. Today he told me that he got in trouble with her because he’s playing video games too much. The obvious solution is a game they can play together. Here are the caveats:

*She doesn’t speak much English yet

*She probably has zero gaming experience

*He says she’s kind of old school culturally

*He himself is undoubtedly at a gaming level you would expect from a guy his age

Given these considerations, is there a 2-player game that they might enjoy together? You know, one where she won’t feel too much like a n00b, & he won’t be bored crazy?

Only thing I can think of is Mortal Kombat…

Borderlands 2

Okay, I’ll check it out. Thanks!

Lego games. There’s a heap of them.

That’s a safe bet. And there are so many different licensed properties that have LEGO games, from Star Wars to Marvel/DC to Harry Potter to Lord of the Rings, odds are that there’s something she might like. And they’re easy to play and get into. Gameplay is very intuitive and you don’t need to be very familiar with English (either spoken or written).

If she’s not a big fan of violence, you’re just playing toys breaking things into smaller bricks (even if those bricks are often shaped like people).

Here’s a list:

and they pop straight back up so you can keep playing, you don’t have to keep going back to the beginning and doing things over and over and over like some other games.

The Jurassic World one is a good one, it’s got dinosaurs… :smiley:

Might she like board games? There’s a bit more of a human element to them, rather than sitting in front of a box all evening.

And if there’s a board games group local to them she’d meet people, which has to be good for a new migrant who doesn’t speak much English yet.

Maybe rather than forcing her to do the activity he likes, he should consider an activity that she prefers and spend some more time doing that. With her.