I need some terrible/obscure/infamous Marvel comic titles...

Here’s the deal, straightforwardly enough: For a side-project of mine, I’m looking for names of some of the more “oddball” comic book series’ that Marvel has published over the years. “Odd” as in “infamously bad,” or had a weird/stupid concept, or even just had an unusual but obscure name, or were otherwise infamous.

I’ve already got some of the bigger names, just off the top of my head—“Nightcat,” “Street Poet Ray,” “NFL Superpro,“Billy Ray Cyrus”

But I have to figure I’m missing or forgetting at least a couple of real howlers, out there. (Accidentally) funny titles are okay, but inane-sounding ones that actually had infamously bad or weird content are good, too.

So…'anyone have any suggestions? I’m all ears.


Squirrel Girl.


Night Nurse comes to mind. Li’l Kids Starring Calvin was kind of weird, in a heart’s-in-the-right-place kind of way. Midas the Million Dollar Mouse, sadly, never made it to print. U.S. 1 and Team America are both licensed toy comics that were fairly bad. Crystar The Crystal Warrior is another one.

For terrible, obscure, and infamous Marvel titles, there is nothing better (worse?) than Secret Wars II. There was an article summarizing its terribleness and infamy at a site called Gone and Forgotten, but I was not able to find the original article. There is this, though:

How about “Not Brand Ecch”?

How about ‘Peter Porker, The Spectacular Spider-Ham’ or Generic Comic Book?

Archie Meets The Punisher was an unlikely crossover. Or Spiderman and the 1978 cast of Saturday Night Live.

You beat me to the Saturday Might Live one – that’s what I came in to post. I’ve got that issue.

The high point was The SAmurai vs., John Belushi in his samurai persona.

Giant-Size Man-Thing may be neither terrible nor obscure, but it sure is funny.

Incidentally, in an upcoming Spider-Man arc, Peter Porker is going to show up in the mainstream Marvel universe. No joke.

Nth Man? The entire New Universe?

Or Spoof, their other standard comic book foray into humor.

Or Crazy, their magazine-sized Mad-like humor magazine.
Or Comix Book, Marvel’s attempt to produce an Underground comic:

There’s a new book out about this one.

Marvel had a title called “What The?” that was a parody of another title called “What If.” Very funny, as I recall.

I still remember one line: “He’s an Ex-X-Man? Doesn’t that make him a man?”

How about Punisher Kills The Marvel Universe where, well the title pretty much explains it.

or Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers?

Obnoxio The Clown vs X-Men?

How about Fred Hembeck Destroys The Marvel Universe?

I remember the frustration I felt when, after much anticipation, I went looking for FHDtMU only to learn it had been delayed (it didn’t end up being published 'til six years later).

How about Damage Control or Eminem/the Punisher?

In Marvel Zombies, all of the heroes become…


Everything published during “Assistant Editor’s Month”, January 1984.

What If? volume 1, number 34, August 1982.
“What if the Watcher were a stand-up comedian?”

Devil Dinosaur