I need some travel humor ... quick

My parents love to hook their trailer to the back of their truck and take off cross country. They are getting ready to do this again, but this time they are not in the best of health and this may well be the last trip like this they get to take.

They are on a fixed income and my sisters and I are wanting to fund the trip, or at least most of it, but we don’t want to just hand them the cash. Instead, we want to stash it around the trailer with clever notes and such attached for them to find along the way.

One envelope has the highway patrol logo on it. Inside are a $10. and a $50. The ten says ‘Bribe money- In case you get pulled over’ The fifty says ‘Bail money-In case that whole bribe thing doesn’t work out for you’

Another envelope says ‘Mad money’ Inside are various bills with ‘mad’ smileys on them.

The best I’ve come up with is a baby wipe container that has a new label with a stop sign and PAY TOLL on either side of the stop sign. Under that the label says Travelers Choice-Convenient TOLL-ettes. Inside is a long chain of ones rolled up. When you open the lid to this there is an inside envelope that has the same stop sign, but on either side says PAY TROLL. Inside are $5’s that say “When an ordinary TOLL-ette just isn’t enough”

I thought I had weeks to finish this, but I found out they are leaving early and now I’m having to rush this and my brain is overloaded. Any ideas??? The funniest things I’ve ever seen have been on this message board, so I’m hoping you guys can help me out. My tired brain thanks you in advance.

If you want to stretch your theme a bit…

bill stuffed can of beans - gas money

jar of quarter for laundry - carrot or karat coins

bills in a bread bag - bread

A money-stuffed can of Spam: $p@m m@d3 m3 r!ch, !t’ll wrk 4 u 2! -or- Hey, if you’re down to this, dinner out’s on me.

Yeah, lame, I already got that memo. :wink:

Thanks guys. Those will go good with the cow print money sleeve that says “Got milk?”

I’ve also made an official looking letter from the ‘Highway Dept.’ It says:

The enclosed disbursement is from a little known fund set up by the Highway Dept. to reimburse travelors who are forced to drive through ridiculously overpriced states offering little or nothing in the way of scenery* in order to arrive at their desired destination.
*In the event you do not, in fact, need to travel through Oklahoma, these funds should be returned immediately to:
Department of Transportation
Embarrassingly Ugly States
Rebate Fund

Well, gotta get to work finishing this up so I can ship it to my sister.
Thanks for the help.

And my apologies to anyone living in Oklahoma.