I need suggestions for geeky shirt(s) to wear to GenCon

My wife and I will be manning a booth at this year’s GenCon Indy, so I’m looking for suggestions of the geekiest t-shirts to be found on the net. We’re there for 4 days, so are looking for as many as 4 different shirts to wear.

Thanks in advance!

Think Geek has awesome t-shirts for geeks. I think my brother-in-law, the Mac consultant, will be getting rock paper scissors lizard spock for his next birthday. Or maybe You read my t-shirt; that’s enough social interaction for one day.

Do you have a Napoleon Dynamite T-shirt?

A couple of geeky t-shirts which I will be wearing to GenCon:


I think any of the OOTS t-shirts (“Evil: A Growth Industry”) would be a good choice.

Why old GenCon T-shirts of course - bonus if they are from the Milwaukee or better yet Parkside or Lake Geneva era.

In the same theme - T shirts from other game conventions.


Good teeshirt slogans include:

The voices in my head keep debating the lyrics to “Hotel California.”


I’m donating my body to Science Fiction.

ThinkGeek definitely has geeky shirts, as does J!nx (including official shirts for WoW and other Blizzard games). Threadless can supply quite a few shirts that would qualify as geeky, up to and including the tongue-in-cheek Three Keyboard Cat Moon.

Oooh oooh! What booth? I’m finally going in a sane way this year (don’t ask), and I may even do the 'hall… I could wave hi and you could wonder, “Who the hell is that guy?”

Is there not a standing Dopefest at geek cons in general? If not, why not?

We’ll be at our own vendor booth, peddling my wife’s handmade GEEKSOAP™.

I’d never even heard of this thing until a week ago - my wife is the gamer in the family.

If you go to Cafe Press and type “dungeons” into the search bar you will find 14,900 designs from various makers on shirts and related gear, some of them well-designed. Sample sayings: “When the DM smiles, it’s already too late!” “Shirt of Invisibility (currently deactivated)”

If nothing in the 14,900 rolls a natural 20 for you, create your own saying/photo/design, set upan account on Cafe Press, post your thing and then buy your own shirt or other gear from yourself (I believe the account is free and Cafe Press gets a minimum fee for all merchandise sold). If a number of other people also buy your design you might even make a little money.

That’s what I did to make this: http://www.cafepress.com/FlavorD.126336181

You really only need one good geeky t-shirt to start, as there are a billion vendors that you can buy them from (if you have the time, of course). I’ll probably take my Jayne “You are beginning to damage my calm” t-shirt, my “You’re not the DM of me” t-shirt, and a couple others that escape me at the moment…

My two cents: as of my last experience with CafePress (several years ago, so things might have changed), they’re overpriced for low quality. The prices are mostly jacked way the hell up, and while text is on a shirt is all right, any images are done as heat transfers, which looks (to me at least) really cheap, *and *isn’t very durable at all.

Geeksoap, now THERE’S an idea whose time has come.


Unfortunately, the people who need it won’t use it. I’d suggest GeekFebreeze.

Who else offers one-off one-print shirts? I’m really asking.

Geek ShowertoShower?

Geek Shower

to Shower?