I need to buy one or two live Cream albums. Which ones?

For my sins only last week I first heard excerpts from the “last” Albert Hall concert, and then bits on You Tube of the reunion there, as well as bits of other concerts.

Want. More.

Since you asked, I am not experienced.

If you can get only one, get Live Cream Vol. II. If you go for two, then also get the original Live Cream. Vol II is very raw, very live, but includes several of the band’s great psychedelic songs, while the original LC focuses exclusively on the blues-jam side of the band.

Or if you have enough spare change, spring for the Those Were the Days box set, which has essentially everything (except the reunion). Note that Cream’s best live recordings were on the half-studio, half-live sets Wheels of Fire and Goodbye anyway.

Figured it would come to this. It was the blues playing that blew me away (then the hard blues–I forgot that Jack Bruce wasn’t only bass, and thought the guy’s mix had changed to Little Walter). I grew up on the greatest hits and checked out after Layla. He had always seemed so studied to me–the best of that, but studied. Now I know what he was about. So, studio albums, box set…

  • sighs, reaches for Amazon bookmark *

ETA to above: thanks.

The Reunion CDs are okay, but they’ve all lost a step. Best thing on it is Sunshine of Your Love.

Record 2 (I go back to record days) of Wheels of Fire is by far the best, with everything except Train Time fantastic. As for the rest, I prefer Live Cream vol 1 over Vol. 2. On Rollin’ and Tumblin’ ignore Bruce during one listen and pay attention to Clapton’s backing guitar.
But I agree that you should get the boxed set. They restore some of the introduction to live Toad. There is some interesting extra stuff also.

As Nasty as They wanna Be is the gold standard but Banned in the US has Do the Bart on it so. . …
Oh wait-- two live Cream albums. Never mind.