Cream to release Goodbye Tour boxed set

Story here:

Scheduled for release in February, the 4 CD boxed set will contain tracks from four shows from Cream’s 1968 farewell tour: Oakland, L.A., San Diego, and their final show at Royal Albert Hall, previously only available on DVD.

I may have to put this on my Christmas list (it’s available for pre-order now)…

I’ll be curious to see how well it sells. Will senior boomers still seek out psychedelic rock?

I’m a decade younger and not sure if it’s worth buying. I like a few Cream songs but these days I rarely play their music. It’s just a bit too intense after a long day at work.

I’m more likely to play Bob Seger, CCR or Lynyrd Skynyrd if I’m in the mood for rock.

I may buy the Cream box set. I’ll think about it.

" Of the box set’s 36 tracks, 29 were previously available on CD, with 19 of those unreleased entirely."

Can some one explain what these numbers mean? If 29 were previously available, how can 19 of them be entirely “unreleased”? Doesn’t “released” mean they were available to the public?

Live Cream was a completely different animal than Studio Cream and while the live tracks on Wheels of Fire, Goodbye and* Live Cream Vol. I & II *are great, IMO it’s the bootlegs where Cream really shines. After 30+ years of listening to the official releases, I finally found the bootlegs and was able how they progressed from their earliest playing to their final concert tour. Unlike the official releases, these if raw Cream, where they were playing for themselves and not the audience. This renewed my interest and respect for what they were truly were capable of.

Here’s a good overview of the bootlegs:

I think the 29 tracks previously available on CD is in reference to those on *Live Cream Vol I & II, *Those Were The Days and bootlegs. With the 19 tracks unreleased entirely a reference to official releases vs the bootlegs.

The real treat is going to the the farewell Albert Hall concert recordings which are incomplete on the Farewell Concert of Cream video.

One version of Politician was plenty.

Zero versions of Toad would have been better.

Cream concerts were fine if you were there in-person and stoned enough to groove on interminable jams. I much prefer studio Cream. Note that E.Clapton is a self-taught guitarist while J.Bruce is a trained cellist. Guitars are usually tuned in 4ths (and a 3rd) while cellos are tuned in 5ths, giving reversed chord fingering, EADG vs GDAE. I play J.Bruce tunes more readily on 5ths-tuned mandos and tenor guitars.

The final concert tour set? I think I’ll pass. I’m not stoned enough.