Cream Is Playing NYC's MSG This October

Subtitled: Dust Off Your Walkers & Get A New Hearing Aid Battery

What a difference a year makes. Having seen Jack Bruce play a (very) small and (suprisingly) good gig at a local gin mill (that holds tops: 80 people) last year - after coming off (from what I’ve heard) a rather successful set of shows @ London’s RAH, (The) Cream are coming to NYC’s Madison Square Garden to play 3 shows October 24 through the 26th.

I’m on the fence about going.For starters, I really don’t like this ‘American Express Cardmembers Pre-Sale’ policy.

Secondly, through some type of ‘don’t mess with nostalgia stubborness’ - I’ve avoided the Stones tours, (the countless) Who’s final farewells and the Simon & Garfunkel 'Artie needs Ca$h’ reunions.

Thirdly, even though Cream’s first single (Wrapping Paper / Cat’s Squirrel) was released the same month I was born - I’m not ready to come to grips with the fact I’ve even considered attending my first 'oldies show’The angel on my other shoulder keeps whispering, ‘But this is Cream…You still listen to their albums!’

As a small aside, if any of the silk baseball jacket crowd over at Warner’s Rhino division stalk this thread, here’s an unconventional playlist set recommended by Dopers in March 2002:Anyone For Tennis
Outside Woman Blues
Wrapping Paper
Pressed Rat And Warthog
Sweet Wine
As You Said
Blue Condition
Dance The Night Away
Mother’s Lament
Rollin’ & Tumblin’
Sleepy Time Time
Take It Back

I like the set a lot for including the best songs from “Fresh Cream”, but I think you need to add “Badge” to that list.

I like the suggested set list a lot for not including “Sunshine of your Love.” :slight_smile:

I think “White Room” belongs on the list.

I remember maybe 20 years ago (probably Entertainment Tonight) that Ginger Baker surprisingly took out a small classified ad in a California newspaper stating that he was an experienced rock drummer looking for work. It surprised a lot of people. I’d say he is seriously looking for cash by now.

The astonishing thing is that more than half of those songs (barely–9 out of 17) actually were included in Cream’s set list at the recent Royal Albert Hall shows, including the one I would consider the least likely of all to be performed:

“Pressed Rat and Warthog”

(What, no “Falstaff Beer Commercial”? Amateurs.)

You mean the thirst Slaker? The beer that can slake any thirst? The beer you reach for first?

Mmmmmm. . . .cream and MSG. [/homer]