I need to buy very $$ airline tickets, but don't have the credit limit

My once in a lifetme dream trip to South Africa, my preliminary research says my 1st class (necessary) tickets, Phx - NYC -London - Jburg & return, will cost about $30. SHOCK. I have the funds to do this, but not the credit line on my cards. I called my primary card and they say I need to apply for an increased credit limit. I have no need to do that on a permanent basis, has anyone ever gotten a 1 time increase for a big purchase like this on a CC? The young man in the Philippines was no help.

Double-check the amount of the ticket in your OP–the OP doesn’t make much sense.

I’m guessing $30,000? That’s a pretty frightening amount.

Yes, sorry, $30K.Yes, I’m frightened, but it’s a dream trip, possibly the last big trip we’ll ever take.

I just looked up a flight from PHX to JNB for the dates (random) May 9 - 30.

1 stop in New Jersey on the way there. 2 stops Zurich and Montreal on the way back.

$1262 Canadian including taxes and fees. ($1004 USD)

Ok, let me clarify. Phoenix nonstop to NYC, stay one nite, non-stop to London, stay 3 nites, then Jburg. Oh, and close to Thanksgiving weekend. Jburg to London, stay 2 nites in London, back to Phoenix.

You may need to try to speak to a supervisor at your credit card company, but if you do have the funds to cover the $30k, there may be a way to transfer that money to your credit card account in advance, giving you a ‘negative balance’ (ie, a credit) sufficient to cover the purchase.

But if this is some sort of bucket list thing … I’d be careful not to mention that (unless they’ll let you do the ‘prepay’ thing).

Good luck !

Ah!! thanks!!!

Not in 1st as per OP”s plan, I don’t think.

True, true.

Try calling your CC company again. Explain to them what’s going on and they should be able to allow a one-time authorization for the amount you need (assuming they’re okay with lending you that much).
With American Express you can do that right online. I think they mention that you’ll have to pay it back down to the credit limit (and maybe a minimum payment on top of that) when your next bill is due.

If you really can’t do any of that, you could try requesting your credit limit is increased and then after you’ve spent the money and paid the balance down, have them lower it again.

If the OP has the cash I don’t understand the problem.

I frequently pay ahead on my credit card when we travel abroad. Sometimes having a credit of several thousand dollars.

Simply pay the money towards your credit card account, and when it posts make the purchase.

Be warned that you can’t keep a credit on your card for more than 1-3 months (depending on the card). If you do they’ll send you a refund check.

thanks, all, you always come thru. New territory for me.

I recently had a similar situation. I called the credit card company (Citibank), but they were completely and utterly useless. They could not give me a one-time exemption. They could not give me a permanent increase, despite being nearly at the required amount, because I’d already applied for an increase. They told me that pre-paying for credit would not work. And when I asked for any other options, they had nothing. Absurd.

I ended up using my debit card. Despite the card ostensibly having a limit, in practice there isn’t one as long as the funds are available. I was told I might get a fraud alert, but that didn’t happen. Bank of America was actually very helpful in providing information.

That must depend on the credit card issuer. I have both a Mastercard and a Visa card with different financial institutions. Because I frequently transfer money to them I don’t think either has actually been in debit for over 10 years. I just receive a statement each month telling me that my minimum payment is $0 and my balance is -$x.

Did you use your debit on line or by phone?

Another thought: are you going with someone else? A friend and his wife and bought their plane tickets separately, one on his CC, one on his wife’s.

Yeah, I don’t understand why the OP can’t just pay with debit, if their bank account has the funds.

I was loathe to use my debit on line, but problem solved! Found a better itinerary on British Air. Half the price!!

Just curious; what was the original airline?