I need to know the lyrics to "Hear the Engines Roar" from "Pod People"

Towards the beginning of this totally horrible movie, there’s a character named Rick singing in a recording studio. I need the lyrics to the song he’s singing. Joel and the robots did a great version, which sounded remarkably close to what it sounds like Rick is singing. If you listen, it sounds like:

All I want to feel is the wind in my eyes
Sack of moneys in my pocket
My sister’s ready to go
Hear the engines roar, now
Hear the engines roar, now
Hear the engines roar, now

etc., etc., etc.

What does he really say?

Nothing that can’t be replicated by an average kindergarden classe. :wink:

Preview is my friend.


It stinks :wink:

They’re here .

Rock! I loved Pod People, synthobirds and all!

Well, here’s not the actual lyrics, but rather a transcript of what Joel and the 'Bot’s made of them. Pretty funny. Here’s hoping Geocities doesn’t kill this hyperlink too.