I need to pick a host for my blog

I’m going a trip to Japan next week and I wanted to put a blog for people to follow me back at home. I’m visiting all 12 Japanese baseball teams and I’ll be zipping all around Japan to see them all.

I’m looking for something that can obviously be updated from the web since I’ll be travelling without my own computer. Something where I can dash into a place with rental 'net access and type in my info, publish it, and then dash off to the next stop.

I’ve tried blogspot, but that site so far hasn’t even allowed me to set up a free blog. I’m always told that my page doesn’t exist. And I can’t get any questions answered unless I have a fee-based blog.

I’ve also tried blog-city.com and that has the distinct advantage of working.

Any other suggestions? I’m looking for free ones to start off and then opting to pay to improve it later once I get pictures back from the trip.