I need to replace a fluorescent starter on and old aquarium

We have a tank that’s 20+ years old and the light stopped working. We replaced the bulb and that did not help, so we want to replace the starter. The problem is that it is an FS-2 and the only ones I can find commercially are FS-22 and FS-4. Would one of those work or are we looking at buying a whole new hood?


Those other ones are listed for different lamps and I doubt they’d work properly, if at all. However, if you google on starter fs-2 you’ll find a number of sources for the one you need.

Have you checked at a pet supply/fish supply store? If that’s a starter commonly used for fish tank hoods, that might be your best bet.

Found one! Thanks.

Are you sure the ballast is working?

No. I honestly have no idea what’s wrong with it. So we’re just going down the list.