I Need Valentines Gift Ideas And I Need Them Fast

Tomorrow is the big day and I don’t want to disappoint her again. You see, I tend to not get as many material things for the romantic days (Valentines and anniversary) as I do for the holidays (birthday and Christmas). But I really feel the need to get her something expensive and nice.

Flowers and chocolates won’t do.

Please help!!!

A diamond the size of your fist

Okay, let me clarify. My budget is around $200-$250.

Buy her Ballroom Dance lessons. (with yourself, of course)

This is what I did this year (fingers crossed) and I HATE (hate, hate, hate) dancing. She loves it.

So, we’ll go there and foxtrot and tango and god-knows-what.

But then again, this isn’t really a holiday for guys, now is it?

Does it have to be traditionally romantic? How about a DVD player and some favorite romantic comedies.

You could buy her a “day of beauty and relaxation” at a spa, with massage, facial, hair cut, manicure etc.

Or perhaps a bottle of really good champagne, and two crystal champagne glasses.

unixrat suggested:

That’s a great idea but I don’t have time.

delphica offered:

Romantic DVD movies? Not bad. I’ve already done the spa gift certificate for our first year wedding anniversary (paper).

Keep 'em coming.

Did this once, worked really well.

Hire a local gymnasium (may cost as much as $100). Get friend to cook a romantic meal and dress as waiter. Get a CD player, or if you have a friend who is a musician (violin preferable) turn all lights in gym off. Set up a table with lace table cloth in middle of gym with candles burning, fine china.

You and she dress as if you are going out on a night on the town. Tell her you first have to stop at the school for some papers, business, or whatever, but get her inside (this is actually the hardest part of the whole deal). When you get inside, the romantic music will be going, and the friend/waiter will show you to the table in the center of the gym and serve you your own private specially prepared meal and a fine bottle of wine.


Don’t listen to the ideas about dance lessons, spas or catered meals. If you are planning well in advance, and have time to think through what she, personally and individually will love, then you can do this kind of thing.

Fortunately, guys always have a perfect fall-back, last minute gift option: jewelry. Memorize this for future reference. Take your $200 and get her something classic–gold earrings, a silver necklace, a locket.

Thanks for all your suggestions.

Rather than get any jewelry (since she doesn’t seem to wear much), I bought her a nice silver jewelry box.

I also got her some satin underwear from Victoria’s Secret and some erotic gifts (edible panties and edible body paint).

How’d I do?

Good job, Schoir. Not overly creative, but I dont think you can go wrong with any of those things. Me, I’d be happy to get those things for Love day.

Now for the most important question: WHAT AM I GETTING?

Just kidding.

Thanks for all your help.

well, if the jewelry box don’t get her… try a box of condoms and a six-pack of beer! Um… BTW… you really got the silky underwear for you didn’t you?
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