I need (want) a new video card

Current set-up: Sony Vaio computer (RX670) with 512 MB RAM and a 120 GB HD. I currently have a ATI All-In-Wonder 7500 card, but I hate it. I have had to re-install the software upteen times and the thing still doesn’t work the way I expect it should. The remote has never worked right, and the Gemstar plus guide doesn’t even load anymore. I am sick of reinstalling the STI software, and their drivers never seem to do jack to improve the situation.

The original card that came with the computer (Nvidia TNT-Riva or something like that) didn’t let me run above 1024x768 without a lousy refresh rate, and my SO wanted a TV tuner card so we bought the 7500.

I want a new card, preferably a TV card. I like to run at high resolutions, I like the 1280x1024 I’m at now. I don’t play games, so a high end gaming card isn’t necessary. I do work with and edit hi-res digital photos, but my current card handles them fine. The TV tuner part is pretty important. Any recommendations?