I needs new luggage...

Specifically, I’d like to get a 30" upright bag. What do I look for? It looks like these things are all made with some grade of denier nylon ranging from 600 on up.

Anything else I need to know?

I travel very infrequently, so it isn’t like the bag will be subjected to a bunch of (repeated) abuse. Will the 600 bags fall apart too easily?

I want a bag that will not fall apart after 5 trips, but I don’t want to spend big bucks, either. I was hoping to keep this under $100.

Thanks for all the feedback!

Atlantic makes tough, durable softside nylon luggage that won’t break your bank account.

I became a fan of Briggs and Riley luggage, or as they apparently call it now, “travelware”, when I used to travel every week or two. It can be pricey, but the warranty is great–they’ll fix your bag even if the airline mangled it.

At more of a value price point, Costco often has good deals.

I don’t have a recommendation on type BUT a huge bit of advice on color…

Don’t get black luggage. Any color but black. Everybody’s luggage is black.

(okay, not everybody’s but it will seem that way when you’re in a foreign airport and you haven’t seen your bag yet and there are literally hundreds of black bags that look just like yours sitting around in huge piles and the baggage people swear all the luggage from your flight has been unloaded (turns out they were right… MY luggage spent an extra four days in O’Hare))

Anyhow, don’t get black luggage, my 2¢.

Like Chefguy, I am a believer in Atlantic luggage. I have been literally around the world, and my luggage seems to have held up to all the (mis-) handling of ramp crews from Alaska to Colombia to Mexico to Bermuda to Georgia to… well, you get the idea.

The four-piece set with wheels is well worth a look. Oh, and to suit the suggestion by ciscochick, Atlantic luggage is available in several colors and fabric patterns. Additionally, as mentioned by zoltar7, Costco sometimes has Atlantic luggage for sale.

If you are near a Samsonite outlet at one of those outlet malls, you can find a lot of good stuff on display in your price range.

This is a good website to browse around a bit: http://www.ebags.com/

Thanks to all for the suggestions!

(Any chance a mod can change “needs” to “need”??? Pretty please? Sometimes I cringe at what my fingers manage to type.)

I’ve been looking at the Atlantic stuff based on the suggestions here, but unfortunately I can’t find a local retailer. I’ll keep looking, though. I have been looking at ebags and other luggage sites, but I have trepidations about buying online, particularly when I know nothing about luggage. I’d really like to be able to hold it and see how sturdy it is before buying it.

So I’m still left with my question of whether 600 denier is sufficient if I travel once or twice a year or if I should just stick with the 1200 denier.

I buy luggage at Marshall’s, am not an expert but they have good prices and I haven’t had a problem.

There is a lot written on this topic (see Google) like:

I travel a lot and have used cheap and expensive luggage and duffel bags. Even the cheapest stuff never wore out.