I ordered a new camera today!

I wasn’t even shopping for one. I’ve been happily using a Panasonic FZ1 for the past seven years. I remember paying $250 for it & being pretty damn impressed with what I got for my money.

Today I get an email from TigerDirect advertising their weekend deals. I always give these things a quick glance, but hardly ever buy anything. I notice they’re advertising a Kodak Z5120 for $169. I do a quick internet check & find the same camera at Woot! for $139. I couldn’t resist.

So, I’ll be going from…

2 megapixels to 16

1.5" screen to 3"

12x optical zoom to 26x

And a whole bunch of other neat stuff.

It never ceases to amaze me how the features go up & the price comes down on certain products.


Have fun with the new camera! I’ve got a Pentax Optio M10 that I bought on Woot maybe four years ago, still takes great photos, does everything I need in a pocketable digital camera.

Meanwhile, I sold my Canon Rebel XTi last year so my wife would let me buy an Olympus Pen EPL-2. Was considering going back to the Rebels, and saw that the specs had gone up considerably in the last few years. The things can shoot HD movies and such now.

You will love it! I don’t have or know about that particular camera, but how could you not love that kind of upgrade? I have a little bit of a problem resisting cameras on sale myself and have many more cameras than I need (only one for serious photography but lots of point-and-shoots for everyday stuff). Enjoy it!

UPS just delivered me a…




My first time ordering from Woot! & they screw up my order!


It’s not a bad camera, and it’ll be a huge improvement over your old camera. Keep in mind that it won’t be great in low light, especially at full zoom. When it finally arrives, post some pictures for us.