I passed! Hot damn!

Many of you may remember my relentless bellyaching a couple of months ago over the USMLE Step I, the first of three tests on the road to a medical license and the traditional halfway point of med school.

I was very happy about the test at the time, but six weeks of lingering self-doubt had taken their toll. When I heard this week that the scores were in our mailboxes at school, I couldn’t bring myself to go look. (Med school hasn’t been a bed of roses, and I see my mailbox as a vile, evil place where no good ever comes.)

I e-mailed the dean today and asked her if I had any particular reason to be unhappy. She replied that she isn’t supposed to give out such info via e-mail, but “if we were playing Monopoly, you could now collect $200. Congratulations!”


Everyone is out of town tonight, so I’m celebrating with some Chinese takeout and the beer left over from our Phish week. It is truly good to be alive.

Of course, this means I have to start rotations a week from Tuesday…

Dr. J

high-fives DoctorJ

What the hell were we ever worried about again?

time to have a huge party, methinks!

Congrats, DoctorJ! May you not be in college for 25 years like my own medically employed father :slight_smile: Have another egg roll…


Awwwriight! Well done, DoctorJ!

All right, Dr. J!


Congratulations Docko!! I think that was pretty cute how you got told too. Some kind of humor there!

I’m supposed to trust my health to somebody who wasn’t sure he could pass the first big test in med school? Don’t get into brain surgery with self-doubt like that! :wink:

See? I told you you could do it. Didn’t I? Maybe I just thought it. Congratulations!

Wooohoooo! Congrats Dr. J!

Doctor J. all the way, he can do it, we know he can!

Congrats, Doc.

Now, since we’re here, lemme just show you this weird lump…


Does this mean free advice? :wink:

Woohoo! and a hearty Hi-yo Silver, Doc. It is definitely cause to par-tay.

I’ll bring more Moo Shoo Pork.

Congrats Doc.


Way to go, Doctor J! :slight_smile:

I missed this over the weekend, but I’d bet you are still celebrating!

Way to go!

Rock on Doc. Congrats. Operate on a spleen for me sometime.

Yeah, now nobody can say “Go see your doctor and don’t ask on the SDMB” because now we HAVE our own doctor!

Many, many congratulations, DoctorJ. May it be the beginning of a most satisfying and interesting career.

So can we print up “Straight Dope Member” discount cards yet?

Congratulations. I have many friends that went to Med School and know how hard it is.

Just keep in mind, the 36-hour days your fixing to experience will pay off in the long run.

BTW, I need a prescription. Can you call it in for me?