I passed my EMT registry test!

Some of you know that I’ve been taking an EMT course, and I just recently finished my ride along and graduated from the class. I just got one step closer to a job in emergency medicine two days ago. I took the national registry exam saturday, and it was no joke. The test was intimidating, and in a completely different style than any of the exams in my class. I honestly didn’t think I had passed, but the results just came back today. I have an official registry number and everything now.

Wish me luck looking for a job!

Yay! Congrats!

Congratulations! Soon you’ll be having days and weeks like this.

Oh, my -I class starts next Monday, so I’ll be facing the terror of certification exams again myself come March.

Woohoo! Congratulations. Enjoy your victory. Good luck finding a job.


Congratulations! Have you taken your practical yet?

Yeah, the practicals were a breeze for me. I think I missed a total of 3 points among all of the stations combined.

VunderBob, where are you from? My brother in law said he was surprised that EMT-I’s are common here in Vegas, and that ambulance companies hire very few basics full time. He said in Phoenix (and he assumed everywhere else until I told him otherwise) there are almost no Intermediates, and almost everyone goes from Basic straight to Paramedic school.


Congrats to you, and best of luck on the job search!

I’m in a very rural volunteer department in northeastern North Carolina. Around here, those who go for -P are the ones who do it for a living. I couldn’t afford the pay cut, so I’ll stick with -I.

My real goals are Rescue Tech certification with confined space, trench, and collapsed building endorsements, and fire service RIT. I’ll leave the high angle stuff to the skinnier guys… :wink:

I bow down before your Nationally Registered greatness. :cool:
VunderBob, I had to have Haz-Mat Ops as part of my EMT training. It was interesing at the time, but I haven’t had to use any of those skills at all.

I’ll probably get to use them. Cottonfield County averages 1 pesticide accident and 4 fuel spills a year.

Well done. I got mine years ago as a volunteer firefighter. Fun stuff out there and a few I’d like to forget.

It’s a great feeling doing it.