I passed this crash this morning

Too early for a memorial.

When I got there the truck was upright on the road. The roof had a pole-shaped indentation in it, and the airbag was deployed. There’s a fire station about a mile from the crash scene. The paramedic truck was at the scene, but I don’t know if it’s procedure to transport in it (and since they were there, it might mean the body was in it), or if the body is transported by ambulance. In addition to the paramedic truck there was another fire vehicle (I don’t remember if it was a fire truck or another type) and two LEO patrol cars. Apparently Mr. Parshall was carrying a load of video tapes. A fireman was picking them up from the side of the road, and I saw some on the other side. (ISTR Disney’s Aladdin.)

If he was pronounced at the scene, he would be transported by the county medical examiner’s van. If they worked on him at the scene, he would have gone in the medic bus. This is for King Co. I don’t know if it’s the same for Whatcom Co. but I expect so.

I passed a crash in California once with (I think) seven bodies scattered around. (They were covered with sheets. Probably didn’t keep the ants or the hot Mojave sun out.) Apparently they couldn’t be moved until the Kern County coroner got there – and he’s based two or three hours from the crash scene.

Ghosts crowd the young child’s fragile, eggshell mind.