I Pet My Cats 101 Times A Day

Don’t laugh. There’s an important reason why.

First of all, I have these two adorable cats. They’re both rescues. So they don’t entirely trust all humans. One is an outgoing, obese, albino white cat, that is very trusting, apparently. The other is a striped black and white tiger cat, that basically only trusts me now.

Anyways, I’ve grown up with cats all my life. And I have noticed a certain sense of annoyance from them when you pet them. They’d like to be pet all day. Wouldn’t we all. So I figure 101 pets a day seems fair, to me at least.

The gray one I probably easily pet that many time a day anyways, because she’s always awake. And comes to me repeatedly throughout the day. The white one is always sleeping. So I figure it is only fair to pet her, the one or so times a day I see her.

Also, the white has her special hiding place, under the table, by my washer dryer. When she’s there, she expects to be left alone. I don’t know if any of you realize this. But unlike dogs, cats expect to be left alone for a time each day.

I also have submit to you other cat owners: do you think you are petting them enough throughout the day? Because like me, you must’ve noticed how annoyed they are when you just briefly pet them. Please, think about it.

Oh, and the number? It’s pretty random. I assume they want to be pet at least one hundred times a day. But you know the ancient Romans thought prime numbers were lucky. That may have been part of the reason why I chose it. But for the most part, as I said, it just came up randomly. I’m serious :slight_smile: .

If you accidentally do it 102 times one day, do you do it only 100 the next?

What is your skritch to pet conversion formula? 1 to 1?