"I pinch"

What is that commercial about? The one with the car and the crab. I didn’t get to see the end of it.

Whatever it is, I like it.

It’s just a Honda Element commercial.


I love the little crabby guy.

I pinch.

Youtube.com. Type in Honda Element.

The crab one by far is the best. But there’s opossum, burro, platypus…

No pinch.

The fact that the crab kinda sounds like Antonio Banderas just makes it all the better.

That’s way too funny - when my youngest was a baby she’d advance stealthily towards you, eyes twinkling, making pinching motions with her fingers and asking sweetly, “I pinch?” You’d tell her no, no pinch and I swear to god she’d say “Little pinch?” You’d reiterate the “no” and she’d look so crestfallen… “No pinch?” So for me, that commercial is beyond hilarious.