I pit all the morons who continue to engage with Clothahump, and the mods who refuse to ban him

I sincerely hope this doesn’t need more explaining, but come the fuck on guys.


This is just the latest example of a thread polluted by him. Not so much by him - he only posted a couple of times - but by all the fuckers who feel the need to feed the fucking troll. Yeah, the troll. Clothahump is an admitted troll. He’s admitted it.

But even if he hadn’t, has he ever made a post worth reading? Once? Even one single post worth reading? And yet, clearly he’s not on very many people’s ignore lists. There are two things that ever happen when he shows up in a thread.

  1. He makes an incredibly stupid post and everyone ignores it.
  2. He makes an incredibly stupid post and the entire thread devolves into people bitching and moaning about how stupid he is.

And it’s fucking gross. It’s embarrassing on two fronts.

Firstly: all you fuckers should know better. Every last one of you. This is a community dedicated to fighting ignorance, and at this point, if you feed the troll, I’m going to assume it’s either because you’re a moron or because you had a temporary lapse in sanity. Like I said, it’s not even interesting. It’s just the absolute most boilerplate “I’m an asshole republican” bullshit you can think of. There is no point. He doesn’t learn. He’s a fucking troll.

Secondly: the moderators should definitely know better. How is this guy still here?! He’s not even an interesting troll like most of the people who get banned after a few days (I’ll take that asshole from Rutgers’s latest sock account over him any day). He just throws out the stupidest, most obliviously dumb right-wing opinion available and waits for people to inevitably jump on it. Even if there was any reasonable doubt that this fucker was a troll (which there really isn’t), the sheer detrimental effect he has on basically every thread he touches should be enough to put the fucker out to pasture already. There is no reason this person should still have posting rights. Or, if by some bizarre contractual reason you can’t ban him, Tachy Goes To Coventry is a basic function on vBulletin 3, use that instead.

C’mon. This guy is a stupid troll who makes everything he touches worse. Stop responding to him. Stop letting him pollute the forum. Ignore/ban the fucker. There have been smarter people banned for far lesser reasons.

The mods should ban everyone again. Let Og sort out the good ones.

Bolding mine.

I’m not a fan of the poster, I find him obnoxious, but do you have a cite for the admitted to trolling issue?

He’s a jag-off, but the board is infested with them. I don’t like him, but there are four or five others who are bigger jag-offs.

I think it’s pretty sad to ask the mods to ban someone. Weak shit.

Not handy. It was back when he got suspended, iiandyiiii knows about it.

Yep. Pretty pathetic.

Clothahump is a very angry, very stupid man who is convinced that he’s a lot smarter than he is. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him post a non-angry useful information post. It is all partisan nonsense and straight out ignorance with a strong Dunning-Kruger anger running through every word.

It would be different if he posted useful information once in a while or was capable of arguing a point rationally without calling everyone idiots.

Correct, because he rarely befouls GQ :wink:

Here is the post in which he admits to trolling:


He’s since said that he doesn’t believe this is an admission of trolling, but it seems about as direct as possible (i.e. open admission of lying with the intent to piss off another poster) without saying “I was trolling”.

Clothahump is a steaming pile of shit, and dumb as a barge pole to boot.

But that thread is in the Pit, and the standard for “polluting” such a thread should be pretty high (or, i guess, pretty low). Clothahump was just being Clothahump, i.e., stupid and offensive. If you don’t like it, just ignore him, or return some appropriate insults.

Please don’t ban him. He’ll start infesting Giraffeboards on a regular basis.


Post 42. I’m not sure how to link to just an individual post in a thread.

I’m not trying to call for anyone’s bannation, but I do wish people would stop replying to him. If you post a sincere rebuttal to what he says, he will ignore it. If you post a snarky reply, he will reply with a post about how liberals just respond with name calling to anyone they disagree with. That’s pretty much what you’re gonna get. Why bother? Then the whole thread gets eaten up with him and other posters calling each other names back and forth.

[Bolding by me]

Actually, he was quite helpful to me when I was working with some database and server issues. I very much valued his suggestions.

I don’t get into too many politically heated debates as find liberals almost as annoying as conservatives. I know he suffers from the same thing that hard line liberals suffer from…the tendency to assume anyone who disagrees with his views as having one mindset.

Hey, guess what: I can’t. I can put him on ignore, buuuuuuut… Count the number of people quoting him or responding to him. :slight_smile:

I don’t have anyone on my ignore list, but i still find it possible to ignore people. You don’t HAVE to keep reading, once you see who the poster is.

Skywatcher, do you believe that moderators on this board should make moderating decisions based on what someone says at a completely different board?


he is a troll but he is such a bad one it’s hard to get irritated. at least, that’s how I feel at the moment. his mocking is so bad it’s a parody of mocking!

so I see what the OP means but** even if his posts are quoted you don’t have to read them!**

it has truly been said it’s easier to ignore him than to put him on ignore.

Well, if their statement is along the lines of “LOL those fucking morons on straight dope, watch as I troll them,” then yes, yes they should. And just because you can ignore someone doesn’t mean you should be forced to. Would it be okay if he constantly posted Goatse, and everyone quoted them to point abuse their way?

Depends. Someone admitting on a different board that they’ve been baiting people here should not in itself be used to make moderating decisions but should prompt TPTB to put their actions here under greater scrutiny.

Someone on a different board urging denizens of that board to come here specifically to troll definitely should be used to make moderating decisions if they’re caught here.