I pit the cops who openly applauded police abuse today

So the president is using an ethnic slur that should offend all Irish people similar to calling him an oompa loompa. He is advocating brutality against people who are arrested further empowering the gangs that steal and kill to do more damage against us. What a tool.

As long as that fucker is still in the White House, this shit will NEVER be over. And then it will just be some other fascist son of a bitch.

From another site,

I am no mod, but it I were, that fuck would be gone forever.

The mods, Colibri just a few posts above, pretty much know he’s a trolling asshole. I think they like to keep him around to remind him just how big an ignorant asshole he really is. Why does Clot stick around knowing how much he’s disliked?.. Because he likes the abuse, and deep down inside he knows he deserves it.

Would it be bad form to hope some bad cops get a hold of the bastard, for shit he didn’t do, to drive the point home???

Hell, he flat-out admitted on the Giraffeboards that he was baiting and andy took the bait. But that’s not trolling. Nope, nope, nope. :rolleyes:

Hey, guys I found him! The black guy, found him. Somebody muffed it, usually tbg is positioned towards the center, directly behind the focus, which is Himself. But if the camera moves a bit to the right, and gets a different angle…there he is!

Why the hell doesn’t he just hire a dominatrix and save us his drivel? As a recent member of Snowflake’s Naughty List, I still find it comical that the poster with, by far, the largest ignore list in Dope history calls other people pussies.

Wait, pussies, IN a box? Mind, blown.

I believe is was a literal response, not liberal

Thankfully, actual law enforcement agencies aren’t falling in line with what the Infant-in-Chief said.


our president is a 70 year old rich man who sits up at night and insults people on Twitter because he thinks they were making fun of him.

Who, exactly, is the brat?

Why is Humper in opposition to pretty much every single police department in the country? Does he hate “liberals” so much that he’ll shit on actual law enforcement now?

Because liberals refuse to treat suspects like the felons that they are. After all, if you didn’t commit the crime, why are you being arrested?

running coach wrote: “Because liberals refuse to treat suspects like the felons that they are. After all, if you didn’t commit the crime, why are you being arrested?”

I hope that was sarcasm because, if not, I can’t believe that we still have to explain this shit to people.

Of course it was sarcasm.
You didn’t recognize Clothy’s insane “logic”?

The same reason some dudes think women are all over emotional and crazy when they’re huge drama queens themselves.

The facts are absolutely on my side, yours are lies, so my upset is righteous anger at your tantrums.

Trump has praised dictators for cracking down on dissidents and he even praised Duterte for killing drug users in the streets. So this is part of an old pattern.

As for the cheering cops, I’d guess if you gave a psychological exam to people in the police and military they’d score higher than the general population on authoritarian tendencies.

I’m pleased if not particularly surprised to learn that even five-year old children in sandboxes are telling that Texan Trump supporter to fuck off.

Well, their PR arms aren’t.

Probably just to curry favour with Roddy. Duterte is a huge Hillary fan and disparaged Trump before the election.