I Pit Anonymous User

It should be, “But is not my violin the thing that makes me stand out, bitch?”

FYI: The Snackpit came first. Giraffe’s board has only been around since we couldn’t call each other cunts in the Pit (i.e. March 2009). I’m pretty sure the Snackpit’s been around since at least when the board went pay-to-post (2004, I think).

And nonny is short for anonymous user. It’s kinda a ripoff of 4chan, really.

Maybe AU is Johnclay’s love child?:eek:

It’s not the messiah, it’s a very naughty board.

Hi! New kid here and first time posting in the pit. A question: A U is on the MB and gets pitted. But, I don’t see him replying. Is this normal?

Holy shit, I was gonna give the kid a break until just now.

Oooooh, you’re so fucking IMPRESSIVE AND SMART! Necessary to include that in your post? No. Fuck off.

I’m not a fan of bullying, but someone needs to give you an atomic wedgie and shove your ass in a locker. I’m feeling charitable, so I stopped short of recommending a swirlie.

Usually if you pit someone you post a link to the Pit thread in the original thread you’re complaining about, but I don’t think the OP of this one did.

Gracias RNATB. I’m learnin’.

De nada. Welcome to the Boards. :slight_smile:

He’s also ventured into GD with all of the skill, eloquence, and research of your typical Yahoo Answers user.

I dunno who said it was ungrammatical or why but they’re wrong. It’s rather stuffy, though.

Some grammarians think you aren’t supposed to start a sentence with a conjunction (though there is no real reason you can’t).

Even if I accepted the premise that a conjunction shouldn’t start a sentence, which I don’t, doing so would not be a grammatical mistake.

Luckily for me (and the rest of the board), when I discovered the SDMB at 15, it was pay-to-post, and I didn’t have a debit card, so I lurked for six years or so. I would have been very similar to AU, though hopefully not quite as bad.

“A conjunction should not be used to end a sentence with, bitch.” :wink:

Whoops, I didn’t know you were supposed to do that! Well, live and learn.

OK, since I missed the boat, is it better to…
(1) Post this in the original thread, even though it hasn’t gotten a new post in a couple of days and is on the verge of dropping off the GQ page?
(2) The most recent thread involving this user (GD)?
(3) Just let the whole thing drop?

(4) Dance!

Guys do not talk crap about me. I value good grammar too but what I meant to say is that it is okay to have a few minor mistakes as long as they are comprehensible. They were getting mad about mistakes that were so small. I know that bad grammar and selling is irritating. I have been there and it is not fun (Yahoo answers).

Welcome to the real world. It’s tough and not always fair.