InvisibleWombat: pretty lame pitting..

But it’s the first time I received negative moderator attention, so I’m indulging myself.

In an IMHOpost, Skald sought opinions on whether he should write a paper for his boss’ son. Many said no. I said yes.

Specifically I said:

Checking back today I see:

Fucking right on! I totally agree with you giving me an “almost warning” over something I didn’t say. We both know I may have been thinking STINKY BIG FAT LIAR MOTHERFUCKERS when I wrote that. So let’s give me an “almost warning” over a potential thought crime. Way to go!

In case it helps any, this is what I read like when I’m calling somebody a liar.

Hey you! Liar, liar your bum’s on fire!

Right. I’m ready for the pile-on. Please be gentle, I’m not fully lubed yet :stuck_out_tongue:


I dunno, I agree with you. You did allude that you thought overall people in that thread were lying or overreacting about what their morals would be in practice. But so? I mean yeah writing that kid’s paper isn’t “the right thing to do” but everyone was acting like it was on par with murdering kittens for profit or something. That spoiled rotten kid should write his own fucking paper, and the OP in that thread probably shouldn’t write it for him, but holy crap. I’ve been asked to write papers and do homework before and I’ve never done it. I don’t like freeloaders and even though I could have used the money, I was afraid of being caught and I think it’s bullshit people are that lazy or stupid and are still in college. I tend to view lying, stealing, and cheating as “bad” but that doesn’t mean I’ve never written an answer on a desk when I was freaked out about a test. It’s not a habit, but it’s happened. Should I be strung up on the rail? No.

Cheating, especially of this level is wrong. It pisses me off that other people are getting degrees based on nothing but cheating and lies. But we have no idea about the facts of this case other than the kid’s dad asked a subordinate to write one paper, during an apparent stressful time for the kid. No, he should not have asked. He should let Skald tutor but not write. But I think people should stop acting like it is the greatest fucking sin ever committed. The kid’s probably an entitled prick, but he isn’t affecting your life. If I would have replied to Skald’s question in the thread I would have said “No cheating is wrong do not do it. Help him figure it out with some tutoring instead. If the boss says no to tutoring then don’t do anything to help.”

If you’ve honestly never cheated at ALL EVER in your life, not even on something that didn’t matter, then good for you. You’re a liar.

Actually, this is exactly the right time to be giving “almost warnings”. You “wondered” about the level of truthfulness, which is the exact same thing as “suspecting” that people are lying. If you had said “I think you guys are full of it”, then a real warning would have been appropriate.

You merely thought about calling them liars, and the mod merely thought about giving you a warning.

Dammit! You spotted the only flaw in my pitting. :o

All the same I don’t think it deserved a proto-warning of any kind. It’s like warning somebody who says “Gosh darn” for thinking of swearing.

Sorry - I think the shot across your bow to let you know you were headed into forbidden territory was appropriate. You were probably right; there probably were a whole lot of liars in that thread. Someone in a recent thread called it Doperland, where everyone is just the most perfect, smartest, greatest person in the world (who is also an excellent driver and lover and has a 12 inch dick).

I totally agree with you, just because even if you were saying “liar” you weren’t referring to anyone specifically.

It’s like pointing to a group of a hundred men and saying, “one of you is almost certainly gay”. It doesn’t mean you’re calling all of them gay, it just means you’re pointing out that at least one of them is.

I don’t see the offense.

Plus, you’re totally right in the original thread

Kind of a shame getting called out for speaking the truth…

The reason for it is made clear here:

It is not about breaking a rule or thinking about it. He felt attacked and waved his dick in your general direction knowing he couldn’t really point it at you as you hadn’t really done anything.

He got to put the mod hat on, so he feels in power. He didn’t issue a warning, so he cannot be fought about it. You got the message that that was a “tribute thread” where opposing views are not welcome and got to shut up.

Ok, so maybe it wasn’t so sweet from your perspective…

I’m on board. This was an incredible nit-picky warning. A potential banning for light-hearted banter?

People need to loosen up.

I thought it was “pants on fire”.

The pants burned away already.

Unless you wear your pants on your head, what’s gonna happen?

It burns!!! The head pants, they do nothing.

Which is obviously untrue. Smart as I may be, I am an awful driver, and only my three 14-inch-plus penises keep me from being a mediocre lover. :smiley:

I already objected in the other thread to the unofficial warning for saying people were lying. I think it’s silly.

Yup. I vote “thought/future crime.”


According to Dex, trmatthe didn’t do anything wrong.

Bolding mine.

trmatthe didn’t call any specific person a liar. He didn’t even really call a group of people liars. He was (mildly) calling their posts into question. And in a very general way.

In my admittedly non-moderatorly opinion, he was well within the rules of the board. I realize Wombat didn’t officially warn him, but he threatened him with a warning. I feel that Wombat was being a weasel, and didn’t make it an official warning because he knew he didn’t have a leg to stand on.

Or to paraphrase Sapo: Wombat felt the need to fart in your general direction. And call your mother a hamster and claim your father smelt of elderberries.

He’s obviously not invisible enough.

You say that like it is a bad thing.

Just to clarify, if it’s in your general direction, is that warning-worthy?

You’re defending cheating like this and you are pitting a Mod?

Perhaps it’s you who needs to be Pitted. It’s ok with you for someone else to write a student’s paper for them? I don’t care who that someone else is. WTF? You think that people are lying when they condemn this behavior and your support of it?

Of course people are ticked off at this issue. I think that shows a healthy sense of right and wrong, something that is slowly eroding away by the shrugs and the “what’s the big deals” that come from some here. It is a big deal. It should not stand. Add in that people tend to express themselves more forcefully online than in person, and you get that thread. I’m still amazed that the asking is OK with anyone here. I amazed that the indignation is not 100%. WTF is wrong with the people who are ok with this, who are just shrugging it off?