I pit Bill Gates

oh you silly optimist!
do you really think he will last until May? :stuck_out_tongue:

The good doctor is still piaffing, I see.

What do you think, guys? Is this Godwin-worthy? It’s close enough for me.

I’m not exactly in Bill Gates’ fan club, but at least he’s in the same universe I’m in, rather than some alternate reality, which is where you seem to be.

Oh, I am sorely disappointed in you, Miller. You showed such early promise.

I thought of that, but he’s comparing his enemies to Nazi victims, not Nazis. I’m not sure that counts.


Godwin’s Law FAQ 'bout halfway down.

CMC fnord!

He also appears to be conflating victims of Stockholm Syndrome with WW2 concentration camp inmates, a dubious proposition to say the least.

Conflation, consmlation. Stockholm Syndrome, Shmokholm Shmymdrome. What’s in a name?

But but but … he has a degree. In clinical psychology. From an accredited university. How could he be mistaken? Plus, you are clearly ignoring all the evidence in the OP. You know, where he provides cites for his claims of “stealing and industrial genocide”?

What is industrial genocide anyway? The deliberate and systemic destruction of an industry? Kind of like what CDs did to phonograph records?

Snerk. Just can’t bring yourself to admit you fucked up, can you? :smiley:

I don’t think anybody here has been rationalizing Gates’ practices or identifying with him. Those who have been most critical have essentially been calmly asking you to back up your accusations.

I don’t think that’s an unreasonable response.

What bullshit. There’s a commonly bandied-about term for this guy, but I’m not allowed to call him that. Suffice it to say that this response is so over the top and out of control that there’s no way in hell I believe for a second that drmark actually believes what he’s typing.

Fill in the blanks yerself.

Yeah . . . rereading, I’m pretty sure it isn’t.

Indeed I do possess a PhD in clinical psychology from an accredited institution. It is important to point out “accredited” as there are many schools which provide dubious academic and training experience still willing to award a PhD to anyone able to shell out enough. But you wouldn’t know about any of the concerns about those with advanced degrees.

Must I really say this again? DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH! Educate yourself, and then you can argue.

More like what the White Man has done to native people the world over. Exterminate and/or enslave.

You have come to identify with your captor, even thanking him for “helping“ you so. Snap out of it!

[bones] Damnit woman, he’s a doctor, not a linguist. [/bones]

couldn’t resist.

You’re a moron.

The truth, any truth, terrifies you, but it holds such sway over you only because you run from it. Turn and face the truth, as I do, and it will stop in its tracks and await to do your bidding. Become the master of truth, rather than just another fleeing from a bogey-man of your own creation.

Wow. Now if this wasn’t written by a retard it would actually be offensive. Buy a Mac and fuck off already.

Actually, I will soon hold a doctorate from an accredited institution in a technical scientific field. the truth no more terrifies me than, say, you. Which is not very much at all.

I was mistaken, however. You’re not a moron.

You’re a smug moron.