For these annoying full page pop ups of various reporters asking me if I want to do something. I’m not even sure what t is - get more details or something. NO! I don’t not. How many times do i have hit the No Thanks button before you get it? I have Ad Block turned on but it doesn’t matter.

I, too find it so annoying as to make me stabby.

Just let me freakin’ READ the article! Or, if I opted for a video, just watch it.

I had to quit looking at CNN due to the annoying shit loading all the time. Took way too long. Sorry CNN, you suck now.
MSNBC isn’t a whole lit better. CNBC is, but they don’t seem to realize who/what is president.

MikeF, don’t you want Fareed Zakiria’s Global Analysis? What about Wolf Blitzer’s Situation Room? Chris Cillizza’s The Point with stream of conscious commentary on whatever nonsense Trump shat out on Twitter at 3 am this morning? What is wrong with you? Don’t you like news? Don’t you “want to cut straight to the facts?” with some grinning idiot in a modal pop-up window?

The pop-up adds and auto-steamting videos are certainly very annoying, but what really causes me to avoid CNN like I try to avoid the clap is just how bad they are at actual news. I don’t mean that they’re intentionally ‘fake news’; just that they seem to equate news with repeating whatever someone wrote on social media and analysis with five people around a horseshoe desk arguing over some vaguely topical item that everyone will have forgotten about by tomorrow’s news cycle. They provided ‘analysis’ is usually no better informed than that one guy in the office who stands around in the breakroom stirring his coffee and offering his reflection on the day’s events to anyone who is too polite to flatly ignore him.

And the writing and copyediting is just awful. I have lost track of how many CNN.com articles I’ve read in the last year that make a parenthetical reference to some person by last name without having previously introduced them in the article, or articles where it was clear an editor decided it needed to be limited to no more than five hundred words so they just cut it off in mid-flow without any conclusion. And their posting of a screen capture of some inane tweet, followed by repeating the text of the tweet verbatim as if to increase the apparent length because what really can you say about the incoherent ramblings of America’s senile racist grandpa? Well, Chris Cillizza can get a dailly column out of it, at least as long as he breaks the sentences–when he manages to complete one–into individual paragraphs.

Reading or watching CNN is like going to visit a dotty old aunt who keeps talking about her collection of cats by name as if you know the difference between Mr. Buttondown and Sir Mews-A-Lot and care about the active social lives she imagines they have while serving you stale off-brand vanilla wafers and weak tea.


CNN’s best point has always been live footage of breaking news - at anything else they suck and always have.

By the way - has anyone here ever clicked on “cut straight to the facts”? What the bleep is that all about anyway?

You give them your email and you get some sort of news summary.

Don’t forget Anderson Cooper’s “Daily Briefings”. Gotta have that too!

For a brief moment there while skimming an article on CNN I thought they had finally abandoned the stupid popups, because the invitation to Fareed Zakaria was a less-obtrusive embedded ad in the text. But then Wolf Blitzer’s grinning mug popped up all over the page, obscuring everything. So in fact now they have both kinds of ads!

Hey, if it’s any consolation, over at Fox News you are also inundated with ads (though not the super-obnoxious popups AFAIK) plus even worse reporting, with the added feature that everything has a pervasive pro-wingnut slant. For example right now the Fox lead story is what a terrific job Trump is doing on North Korea. Apparently the man is a foreign policy genius. :smiley:

Right, because I don’t get enough spam…:rolleyes:

Until CNN figured out just how profitable they could become by covering a war, they actually were arguably among the best sources of news in the US, if not elsewhere. They had professional reporters and news gatherers. But their investigative reporting has been in a state of gradual decline going back to the late 1990s at least. They’ve lost pretty much all of their gold standard reporters like Judy Woodruff.

Jake Tapper’s segment with Stephen Miller might have seemed like a moment for CNN, but it was in my view, a win for Miller and the White House as much as it was for Tapper and CNN. He turned an interview into a WWE-style ringside spectacle, which is exactly why he appeared on that segment. It’s difficult to achieve what CNN is trying to do, which is to be entertaining on one hand and serious on the other.

Correction: a stable foreign policy genius, the most stable genius in the history of like, smart people. He’s smart, and he wants respect!


To be fair, CNN is just one of the media websites with annoying popup videos. ABC News and Sports Illustrated constantly do the same thing.

Having sound on perpetual mute helps, but you’ve still got to be quick to stamp out the dumbass videos.