I pit Comcast Digital's TV Guide listings (mild)

Comcast digital cable downloads a TV Guide listing to my cable box, which works in conjunction with the DVR. It’s accurate for the most part, but every now and then, one or two of the channels will have the programs listed for the incorrect feed. They will list the East Coast feed, instead of the West Coast feed which would be appropriate for my area. This week they list the East Coast feed for the Discovery/Health Channel, which means my DVR recordings for such shows as Dr. G. and Trauma: Life in the E.R. are off. I am recording shows that air three hours off from what are listed and I don’t want to make the mental effort required to try to figure out what time the shows actually run from what the listings show. I know I could set a manual time-and-channel recording, but I don’t want to chance recording a rerun. The DVR software can sort new programs from reruns and only record the new ones if I desire and I’ve grown too used to that. It’s only on one channel, and a couple of programs, otherwise I’d make this a full-blown rant. It’s just a mild annoyance and really just enough to kvetch about, but not actually worth calling Comcast and bitching them out. So, I’ll just wait and see if the listings sort themselves out in the next week or so.

You’re lucky. I have Dish Network. It updates the episode guide every 20 hours or so and the first try almost always crashes the signal. Sometimes I go for weeks without using it just because I don’t really feel like going through the inevitable menu-freeze-crash-menu-update-90 seconds later-back-on process. If it weren’t for it being significantly cheaper than cable around here, I’d never use DN. They suck ass.

I’ve got DN and never notice this problem. Mine automatically shuts down every day at 3am to do its updates. You can set the option for when it does this in the menu somewhere.

Hm. That’s handy. I’ll have to take a look through the menus.