I Pit Cynthia McFadden

I can’t watch Nightline when she’s on. For the love of god, she’s pushing 60, and she still simpers and talks like Shirley Temple. It’s not cute, it’s creepy. I hate “newswoman voice” in general, but McFadden’s is worse than fingernails on a chalkboard.

Snap the hell out of it!

Pushing 60? She’s just 6 months older than me.

I’ve always enjoyed watching her but I was disappointed when she showed up on Revenge last week.

I know they are entitled to have a little fun in a show but it seemed so… unseemly.

Are you in your late 50s?

No, Wiki says she was born in May 1956.

So she’s 56, which would be the latter half of one’s 50s, which is reasonably close to “late fifties.” If she’s not pushing 60, she’s getting ready to.

Oh good heavens she’s just past the midpoint of the 50s. You don’t start pushing 60 till you’re at least 58.

Hey, I just turned 50, which is less than a decade from 60, which is the gateway to 70, and my parents are in their 70s. I’m the same age as my parents!

Young people are so adorable about age perception, what with their “I’m twenty-two and three-quarters.”

“Pushing 60” is not a precise measurement.

Ugh. I’m a few months older than her. I am not pushing 60. Yet.

Count yourself lucky. 60 is heavy as hell.

Hey! 56 is the prime of life. Only people older than me are pushing 60.

If you think about it, at 56 your average age is only 28.

You think pushing sixty is hard, wait til you try pulling it.


Sex. (But not with puppies).

A beautiful young person is an accident of nature, a beautiful old person is a work of art.

It does take a lot of skill on the part of the makeup artist.

59 isn’t pushing 60, it’s the prime of your life. Followed by 61, 67, 71, 73…

The prime of life is in between what you wish hadn’t happened and what you hope will.