Nancy Grace drives me nuts

Is there anyone else out there who cannot stand her interviewing style?
I don’t know how good of a lawyer she was…maybe she was great. But as a TV personality, she is AWFUL. That sneer! The interrupting, the opinionated remarks, the absolutely unprofessional journalism.

Why does this woman have a show on CNN?

She cannot let her guests get through even ONE SENTENCE before she interrupts them with her judgemental crap and that horrid sneer. The interrupting just drives me bananas.

Ooooohhh…don’t even get me started!

CNN has degenerated to the level of “Pro Wrestlin’” with this crap.

If I ever saw this woman on the street (and I never will. I don’t live where there are streets), I would kick her in the throat.

What I can’t stand is that she’s such a goddamn numbskull.

Oh good, I’m not alone. She’s an opinionated moron, she badgers people instead of interviewing, she seems like a sap, and she’s ugly. Being ugly isn’t bad enough, though, she has a collection of hideous faces, each more repulsive than the last. And for some reason her eyebrows piss me off.

Discovering this woman’s existence is the price I pay for flipping to CNN to try and find some news. :rolleyes:

Nancy Grace and prosecutores in general are hardwired to let the shit that we all face in this world make them feel entitled to be able to " smell guilt a mile away." IMHO.
Oh, and any defense orientated money grubbin scumbag IMHO will do anything for a buck or a footnote as well.

And since this is the bbq pit… Fuckshitpissdamnhell i did preview, and spelled *prosecutors *wrong twice.

FUCK!.. Goddnight all. :smack:

God she must be on the lowest rung on the ladder of Satan’s little helpers. I’d like to see someone wipe the snear off of her face with a zamboni.

I don’t have a link, but if you would have a look at her bio on the court tv website, you can read that as a prosecutor she has/ had a perfect record of 100 convictions out of one hundred trials.

The first time I saw her, I thought I had stumbled on a Saturday Night Live rerun. (She’s the spitting image of the woman who used to play Marsha Brady and Tori Spelling on SNL.)

I can’t believe that CNN let her on the air without someone upstairs going, “But - her eyes - doesn’t she look a little, y’know, crazy? … What is this, a joke?”

I’ve never seen her interview anyone, but I used to watch her do commentary on CourtTV. She always struck me as opinionated and irrelevant. Best comment she ever made? (This being her style of fair and impartial reporting): “If he thinks he’s getting off on an insanity defense, he’s crazy.”

Her fiancé that got murdered was a lucky man.

Whenever I listen to any commentary she has it reminds me of being with my Grandma and her friends. Nothing is about fact it’s just all wild speculation and finding scandals in everything. She’s everyone’s clueless, gossipy neighbor.

I actually kinda like her, at least when she’s commenting on the Michael Jackson case.

My wife and i both start ranting about this woman every time her mug comes on the screen. She is just fucking awful.

If the American media were in some sort of respectable state, i could honestly wonder how she ever got a job on TV, but unfortunately it’s not, so i’m not surprised at her ongoing presence.

She’s drunk the Kool-Aid on the Schiavo case as well. I saw her a couple of days ago lamenting Terri’s “suffering” and believing all the bullshit from the Schindlers about how “alert” and “responsive” Terri is.

I’ve only seen two commentators in the cable news media who seem to be willing to consistently call bullshit on the Schindlers. One is Chris Matthews and one is John Abrahms (Abrahms, in particular, seems to have run short of patience with the Schindler supporters and was pretty much screaming at Randall Terry the other day).

I’ve never much liked Nancy Grace but she’s one of those people who’s more tolerable if she’s going off in a direction you agree with. She doesn’t bother me when she’s teeing off on Scott Peterson or Michael Jackson but her credibility is damaged even in those cases because she thinks everybody is guilty. She probably thinks Jesus was guilty.

Often times on discussion shows I mute the annoying ones and un-mute the ones that I like. She’s often muted.

I’v alway liked her on CourtTv; I haven’t seen her CNN show so maybe I’m lucky. I do like how she never lets people get away with shifting the debate. She’s quick to point out that whoever she interviewing didn’t answer the question that was asked.

I saw her the other night re: Schiavo, and I thought she was going to break down and start crying at one point.

Hell, she makes Wolf Blitzer look unbiased.