Nancy Grace will make me a Nazi yet

I really hate Nancy Grace. She is a spotlight seeking whore, sure, but it’s more than that. She can’t speak without it getting on my nerves. Her fake smile, her insincere tone, the way she pretends to listen. It all combines together to really drive me up the wall. So whatever stand she takes, I go the other way. Then she flipflops.

Remember how the Duke Lacrosse players were racist rapists perverts and should be castigated (or some similar sounding word) according to Nancy? So I immediately supported them. I didn’t want to, but I wanted to be on Nancy’s side even less. Well, as rational thought prevailed and it became obvious that Nancy was wrong, she flip flopped. Leaving me to either be on her side or be a Nazi.

When the Texans invaded the Fundementalist Latter Day Saints and carted off the children of the uberMormons. Nancy was all “Yay for the Texas goverment for preventing child rape. The perverts should be castigated (or something similar sounding).” I didn’t want to but I took the freedom of religion route just so I would not be on Nancy’s side. Now it turns out that the whole thing came about because of a nut case in Colorado Springs (a place that apparently turns out more nut cases than Waco, Texas) made a phone call to the Texas Rangers saying she was a member of the Mormon church being held against her will in the FLDS compound. And it turns out there probably have been no more child rapes than in the average Texas Souther Baptist choir loft. So once again Nancy has flip flopped and she is chastizing the evil Texas law enforcement agencies for acting too quickly.

I think Nancy’s latest rant is Hulk Hogan’s family for wanting special treatment for their jailed kid. I don’t want to be on Hulk Hogan’s side for God’s sake. He is a seroid adled professional wrestler attention whore with bimbos for family members. Nancy is forcing me. And I just know she is going to flip flop.

I know she shouldn’t irritate me so much that I change my basic belief system, but she does. She does.

Do not waste time watching her. It would hurt my brain.

Yeah, as a hardcore librul bastard, I’d rather watch Bildo.


I find her extremely irritating too. But I don’t watch…

I think you are safe with sticking with Nancy on the Hogans. They are proving themselves to be narcissistic a-holes, with no regard for other humanity.

"Everyone has a conditional clause in their life, some little unspoken addition to the rules like ‘except when I really need to’ or ‘unless no-one is looking’ or, indeed, ‘unless the first one was nougat’. [del]Soto[/del] Kythereia had for centuries embraced a belief in the sanctity of all life and the ultimate uselessness of violence, but [del]his[/del] her personal conditional clause was [del]‘but not the hair. No-one touches the hair, OK?’[/del] ‘but if Nancy Grace opens her yap one more time…’ "

–(mis)quoted from Terry Pratchett, Thief of Time

I’m really glad that I don’t know who Nancy Grace is.

She’s like Grace Slick, but with less lubricants.

I had a dream that I was watching CNN and they reported her death.

Even when I agree with her, and there are occasions when she gets it right, her sanctimonious, overly dramatic delivery is a complete and utter turn off. So I do just that. I turn her off.

I hear she and Glen Beck are getting married.


You sure they’re not getting married to Satan?

No, even Satan wouldn’t tap those asses.

I for one welcome our new satanic majesties.

I thought she was mildly stupid for a long time, but when she wrapped herself in Johnnie Cochran’s funeral shroud (reminded me of Jesse and Martin, it did) and wailed about “her loss,” she finally tipped over into “insane, stupid, whiny uber-bitch.”

And don’t get me started on her hating on Aruba because of one drunken twit… :rolleyes:

I sure do miss “CNN Headline News”… Remember? Every 30 minutes they would give us a recap of top stories, weather, sports, and less than 2 minutes of filler/goofy stuff. I could tell if I was late to work by checking that channel when I got out of the shower.

Sometimes, I miss 1992.

If you hate her so much, why do you watch her show?

And please tell me that you’re kidding when you say your “basic belief system” is in any way shape or form is based on the opinions of Nancy Grace.

Wait, she flip flopped on the Duke rape case? I’m pretty sure I saw her come down hard on the boys after they were cleared. They did a segment of it on The Daily Show.

This line deserves much props.

She is high on the list of reasons why I use rabbit ears for TVO, CBC and CTV, rather than satellite or cable to bring in the US networks. She’s very loud, very opinionated, and intellectually thick as a brick. About all her oratory contributes to is global warming.