Does anyone else think Nancy Grace is kind of a dipshit?

I only watch her show when I’m traveling and stuck in a hotel without any good channels, but she seems to take lots of illogical positions in crime of the moment type stories.

For example, tonight she’s on about the murdered pregnant lady down south. She’s pissed because the people searching for her couldn’t get FAA approval for some kind of drone plane to search for her. She rolls her eyes in disbelief that the airport (perhaps Atlanta, one of the busiest in the world) can’t change up their schedules to allow this drone to search for someone who was almost certainly dead. WTF? And then she can’t believe the authorities haven’t released the body to the family yet. It’s a murder case; surely she realizes as a former prosecutor that there are some procedures and so forth that have to be followed.

Then they talk about the wrestler guy that killed his family. The first thing she says (with a sigh and an eye roll) is “Has anybody thought of steroids?” Why, yes, I believe they have. In fact the steroids found in his home were mentioned in every source I read today. Then she’s on about how she can’t believe the Wrestling Org. did a tribute show to the guy. I’m sure they didn’t know he killed his family when they made that call. I could see her point if she said that they should have held off a bit to let the facts shake out, but she seemed to think the wrestling outfit knew he killed his family, thought it was cool, and ran the show.

Last time I saw her she was doing a story about Paris, before she actually went to jail and couldn’t believe that she was going to be released early if she behaved herself. Surely a prosecutor would know that such practice is S.O.P.

Does anyone like to watch this woman?

The following people on cable news are total dipshits:

Everybody on CNN
Everybody on Fox News except maybe Shepherd Smith and Brit Hume
Everybody on MSNBC except Chris Matthews, Keith Olberman, and (sometimes) Joe Scarborough (depends on the topics covered)
Everybody on CNN Headline News
Probably everybody on regional cable news

You mean the murdered pregnant woman down “south” in Canton, Ohio?

“Kind of” ?

Actually, I’d say no. “Dipshit” could excuse her actions as simple stupidity. She is the epitome of the self-serving talking head. She makes Nifong look ethical.

John Stewart’s takes a look at Nancy, following the dismissal of charges in the Duke rape case. Will she apologize for all the things she said?

Then there’s her handling of the Melinda Duckett case. Say what you will about other talking heads, how many have taken such sheer delight in hounding someone into committing suicide?

Of course you are correct, I don’t know why I thought this went down in Georgia.

There are people who don’t think Nancy Grace is a dipshit?

Moving thread from IMHO to The BBQ Pit for two reasons, the second being this is obviously a pitting.

the words ‘strident harpy’ come to mind for some reason. why do you ask?

Although I do have to admit, that’s better than being a demure harpy.

Here she is a bitch to Elizabeth Smart, and Elizabeth Smart is surprisingly calm and well-mannered for her age. I like that a patronizing asshole like Grace can be defeated by a teenager.

The Soup, which is what Talk Soup (on E!) eventually became, had a riff on Grace recently. “Nancy Grace, not resting until another one of her guests kills themselves”. Someone in a higher post referenced this. People say “how dare you!” at Nancy Grace. Nancy Grace sez not her fault, just proves the woman was guilty all along. At the time woman wasn’t even a suspect.
Can’t stand her. This is nice.

Yes, we know they are fools gentlemen, but what kind of fools are they?

You can’t find something more intelligent to do like peeing off the balcony, masterbating to a picture of George Bush or picking up crack whores?

There was another murdered pregnant woman, Jennifer Kathleen Nielsen, in North Carolina. She got very little mass media press, as Bobby Cutts is evidently much more newsworthy.

Wow… I just laughed for a solid minute. I’ve a Calc midterm in the morning, and I really needed that! Thanks!

We, in the know, call that the ‘trickle down theory’

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I hate it when she tries to act “caring” and “empathetic”. She’s so phony it makes my skin crawl.

And she’s replicating!!!

I haven’t seen her show, because I blocked out HN. You don’t have to have kids to use the parental controls :stuck_out_tongue:

Not so much a dipshit, but a screeching hag, maybe? I find, should I land on Headline News (not often, since I never see any, you know, actual NEWS, on it) that I merely debate for two seconds:

More annoying… voice? Or eyebrows?

…and then I change the channel to CBC Newsworld or BBC World. You know, for, news.

Aw, gee, guys, I dunno, that whole “girl detective” genre is pretty limited, not a lot of room for creativity, so I don’t think we should judge…what?..oh…THAT hideous skank? The warmth of a rattlesnake and maybe half as smart. If she walked into a three acre field of Maui Wowie, it would instantly turn into rope quality ditchweed. She could bring down a dump truck. Swamp Thing wouldn’t fuck her, dildoes go flaccid in her presence.

Grace is a scumbag that KNOWINGLY lied about the circumstances of her fiance’s murder. She has been reproached by the Supreme Court where she practiced, for LYING’ resulting in the overturning of convictions. She is one of the most dispicable human beings on US television. What more evidence do you need other than the fact that the “usual” republican apologists “suspects” are not making excuses for her? Hopefully she is not long for the entertainment world. Good Riddance.