I Pit damuriajashi and DemonTree

There’s nothing there, because @damuriajashi just makes shit up about other posters. It doesn’t matter what you actually posted – that you disagreed with him appears to have triggered his “EVIL RACIST!” node, and that’s all he can say.

Totally. As I said elsewhere, I’m happy to clarify things for people who aren’t disingenuous fucks about it. Knowed_Out was asking where this “LHOD IS A RACIST” came from, and given Damuri’s weaksauce attempt to back it up, I figured I’d chime in.

For the incoming whine:

Since noone [sic] in this thread came to your defense we can safely conclude you really are a piece of shit racist! /DA

Eta: gigo your English is trash. Noone [sic] i know writes with such bad English.

Is this what you’re talking about? Seems like COVID made it a really sticky situation with no easy answers. Even if LHoD is unequivocally in support of the lottery system, it’s not exactly a call for suppression of Asians in general. Why did this particular issue trigger DA?

FWIW I’ve not, to my best recollection, ever expressed an opinion on this issue. It’s not about this issue. It’s about me thinking Damuri is a dishonest dumbshit with delusions of intelligence, and him lashing out at me for saying so.

I have to apologize. I got too worked up yesterday. But looking for your racist comments to respond to your request below, I realize I had attributed iiandyii’s comments to you. I apologize. I always always agreed with your perspectives on education and I was shocked to realize you were a racist. I am relieved to see that you are not what I mistakenly thought yesterday. I will be taking a break from these board. I am taking some of this shit too personally so unless someone @damuriajashi I will not respond. Once again, I am sorry, I am especially sorry for the deeply personal attacks about how you interact with your asian students. It was a low blow and totally undeserved.

TBF, DA’s more general claim is that the methods used to increase Black/Hispanic presence, not only in this school but in other schools and coleges, have the net effect of reducing Asian presence while increasing or protecting the White share of the student body, by not counting Asians as part of the “minority” population and by reducing the weigh of those academic areas at which they excel, and that is what is racist.

Of course they then go all hardcore about what is or is not racist about supporting or opposing the specific policies, and calling out whoever fails that test an unequivocally racist, and that does raise the heat index of the arguments A LOT.

I appreciate the apology. Going forward, I hope you’ll take extra care in being sure you understand the positions of people before you reply to them.

No, it was the Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in Virginia. And like LHOD said he never even posted in that thread, just weighed in on how DA was treating posters who DID post in that thread.

And there are various socioeconomical realities that led to this; it isn’t about Asian kids not being viewed as important. But DA ignores this.

Too late to edit. But…

For example, I couldn’t find stats on Jewish kids at the school, but it wouldn’t surprise me if the proportion of Jewish kids was higher than it is in the general population (ie of the 20% white children, a higher percentage would be Jewish). This is based on stats at prestigious universities - I don’t know if they track that sort of thing at a public school.

For the sake of argument, assuming this was the case, and it very well may be because of various economic realities about our country, I would not demand that Jewish kids be considered a minority, because I recognize that the kind of systemic discrimination that faces black and hispanic kids when it comes to education simply doesn’t affect Jewish kids to nearly the same extent, even though antisemitism IS a real issue in this country. The same applies for Asian Americans.

But DA doesn’t listen to any of the context being offered and say “I disagree because X,Y,Z”. Instead, he screeches about how we are a racist-woke-echo-chamber.

Yeah, and I want to clarify: DA’s apology to me was pretty good, but it carries a subtext of “You’re not a racist, UNLIKE IIANDYIIII WHO IS REALLY A RACIST.” I reject that bit wholedheartedly: while iiandyiiii’s positions may be valid or invalid, nothing I’ve seen him post on the subject, nor anything I’ve seen DA quote him saying on the subject, is anti-Asian racism. That also appears to be a fundamental misinterpretation of a position.

I could be wrong, but I’ve seen no evidence to support the charge.

Thank you for that clarification!

I’m curious what Damiri Ajashi 's own racial background is. Not that it strengthens or weakens his argument either way, but I’m just curious.

You know what’s funny? I had a lot to say in that thread. I am pretty uniquely positioned to talk about the issue: I teach at a public STEM magnet of equal prestige, and I work extensively in college access work, with a diverse group of kids. Like, that thread is right up my alley. But I dropped out really early because no one in there wanted to really talk about the issue. They just wanted a pretext for this soapbox or that. Maybe it got better, later, but it was such a clusterfuck that I noped out almost at once.

Pretty sure DA went to a similar HS, and that’s why he’s so charged on the subject. And it is a complicated subject. But it’s not one that can really be talked about in anything like a productive way. This is true for a lot of education topics, because people have usually only seen education through a pretty narrow lens–their own or their children’s experiences–and they don’t understand how vast and varied the system is.

IIRC, he’s Vietnamese American, and he either came to the US as a child or is the child of immigrants.

When folks are considering how to post–and when Admin are considering how to set posting rules–this is important to remember. If folks feel free to go on long fact-free screeds and ride their hobby-horse through a thread, we’re gonna lose the expertise of folks who are less arrogant and better informed.

Ask whose posts on this subject you’d rather read: MandaJo’s, or zostersandstorm’s? And behave (and moderate!) accordingly.

Never mind.

Let me add one more disingenuous moron to the list:

Today I earned that “historically marginalized and economically deficient minorities are underrepresented at the top school in the state; we should fix this” is equivalent to “Jews will not replace us”… in @ZosterSandstorm 's demented excuse for a “mind”.