I pit dieing

Because it is not a word. Dying sucks too, but at least it’s spelled properly.

I’ve seen an increase in this abomination on the boards, and it’s making me crazy! It’s not a hard word!

Dieing is a word(see the second source, The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language).

Lieing also, I see that one a lot. I understand that some people just aren’t great spellers, but I don’t see how those can not look obviously wrong to people.


At first I read the title as “dieting”. Thought this was actually going to be interesting.

That’s what gets me. I can understand how people make mistakes. But don’t they look at what they wrote and notice that it doesn’t look right?

I defiantly think you’re right, and no one is gonna tell me differnet!

I think its really a mute point.

And now you’ve payed the price.

I am a very good speller, and always have been, but once during a spelling test at School I completely blanked on a word, and could not figure out how to spell it. That word, after a lot of confusion, I spelled “lieing.” I knew full well that it was wrong, but was unable to come up with a better version.

We should stop being pre-Madonna’s.

Next you will banging on about colour, odour etc!

So…your saying this bugs you alot?

Yah. Me to.

I pit making dies.

God made like, seven, dies.

Idiots. Must be imbreads.

Laughed so hard I woke up Mrs. Call.

But that word (to cut with a die) doesn’t have the same definition, and it is rare enough that Google suggests dying (one of the first results is this, which suggests (#1) that the OP isn’t the only one annoyed by this misspelling).

The same definition as what? The OP didn’t specify what usage of the word he objected to. And on top of that, he did specify that dying sucks. So for all I know he’s referring to the practice of using dies instead of the end of life.
So much for the phony justification. Of course I know he’s talking about the word dying. But he stated that ‘dieing’ is not a word, and it is. I don’t get to be the pedanter very often, I’m usually the pedantee. So I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity.