I pit DrDeth

Never …

You didn’t have a problem with the Pit 8 years ago. What happened? Too many big meanies being mean to you?

Blah blah, “the only important genocide is MY genocide. The rest of you are just whiners”

That’s what this boils down to. No empathy for others. At all.

My grandfather never learned Polish from his father. I never found out whether it was a subtle cultural preference for monolingualism, which others would decry in other circumstances as “cultural imperialism” but I would not, or a less subtle declaration that Polish speakers were only good for working in the coal mines. If it were the latter, I’d recognize that that is quite different from the Holocaust, even though the psychological harm is not non-existent (nor is it large, in the case of my family).

I never learned Yiddish from my father.

But that wasn’t because anybody dragged me away from my home, told me that my parents were ignorant savages, starved me, forced me to eat rotten food, beat me if I tried to speak Yiddish, and knocked my teeth out for complaining about any of it. It wasn’t even because any powers-that-be told my father that either he or I would be punished if he taught it to me.

So I recognize that my not learning Yiddish is quite different from what’s entirely legitimately being called cultural genocide.

He says plenty of things that only make sense to himself. Why should this be any different?

He’s still hijacking the thread on unmarked graves of indigenous children, by screaming about how it’s not genocide, and WHY ARE WE ALL IN A FROTHING RAGE!!!1. We should just agree with him.

Again, it’s like the only real genocide is his genocide. It’s a special word that should be reserved for things that he approves of. To hell with it if the term cultural genocide has been around for 70 years, or that the Canadian government has said that this Canadian issue is one of cultural genocide. No no. Only HE can decide this, and if anyone diaagrees, then we must be in a FROTHING RAGE!

Fucking asshole.

Well, maybe he can tell us what his uncle (who was on Margaret Mead’s staff doncha know) could tell us about how she would define genocide. That should settle the matter, right?

@DrDeth This is why you suck.

He’s being pedantic again.

Don’t you mean still?


(Damnit Discourse)

SOME topics don’t trigger his pedantism. :smiley:

Meh. I don’t know if it was being pedantic, or just a particular personality thing where he is unable to understand nuance and meanings that are more subtle. Sort of like Sheldon on “Big Bang Theory”

That’s a mistake. I do the same thing sometimes, but all it does is allow your opponents to cherry-pick which argument they want to respond to, and it will always be your weakest one. If you have a slam-dunk argument in the mix, no one will go near it.

That’s not just an SDMB thing - it’s a general debate thing.

What if he puts a severability clause in the post?

And it doesn’t matter if multiple credible news sites are reporting the same story; it’ll be dismissed if the site you link to is deemed to have insufficient gravitas.

Just needed to get this out, and the original thread wasn’t appropriate for it (see, the Pit has purpose!)

The Venn diagram of DrDeth’s cranium and rectum is about 99% overlap; “willful blindness to anything outside of what he already believes” is kind of the default state.

A most insightful and well-phrased observation. Perhaps someone can adopt it as a permanent sig! :wink:

Very true, but basically just an explanatory footnote to the above. :smiley:

My cite for the above is whatever time out of my life I’ve wasted trying to have a rational discussion with DrDeth about gun control. But I have since noticed that he uses the same tactics in most of his arguments, not to mention his annoying and contrived orthographic idiosyncrasies. He would certainly claim that “a argument that I have a idiosyncrasy is a untruth”.

I see he has now deleted his post under attack. I would see that as wise, but I suspect he would see it as the result of him being horribly oppressed.