I pit fsck'ing iTunes 9

At work, the iTunes store doesn’t work any more. The style sheets are missing, and all of the links fail.

At my long term business apartment with every port open, the god-damn previews buffer every two to three seconds. Damn, I’m an Apple fan (but not fanboi), and this sucks. Why can’t I get a preview of Perez Predo’s Quizas Quizas Quizas without the American lyrics?

Never mind that, why oh why did they spoil the look of the Grid View by making the background BLANK WHITE?

It seems like every time I do my updates, I get something out of it that sucks worse than when I started. Last time I updated, I lost PithHelmet. You can copy songs from other macs now, though, which my husband and I plan to take full advantage of.

Hell, I can’t even download the thing. Every time I start iTunes it tells me Version 9 is available so I try to download it, but it always hangs at 10% or so. This has been going on for weeks now… I’m pretty much to the point where I don’t even try anymore.

I blocked automatic Itunes updates early this year because I was tired of dealing with annoying and detrimental changes.

Still there was a feeling that maybe I was losing out on neat stuff. This thread is a good reminder that I made a wise decision.

This thing is getting huger and huger. Also, most updates seem to be in areas that I rarely use, and almost never care about. They should have an itunes lite for people like me.
Most of my media needs are served by VLC perfectly well.

I like the way the Apple Store looks better now, especially the App store. For one, now the app store is not just some tiny ass link buried on the Apple Store front page, it’s much easier to get to, and it just looks more slick in general. Nothing else that matters to me has changed so I’m cool.

On my iMac, which is two years old and therefore obsolete :rolleyes: I’m getting buffering when I’m trying to play my own music in shuffle mode. It stalls between every song while it figures out what to do next I won’t even try Party Mix or Genius Mix at this point because I know it’s going to lose its damn mind.

I think part of the problem is that I’m still running Tiger on the iMac. My MacBook runs Snow Leopard and 9 works beautifully on it, playing music that lives on the iMac (via regular cross-network sharing, not the new House Sharing or whatever it is) more seamlessly than the iMac can. It’s bizarre. If the upgrade was really optimized for Snow Leopard users, then they should’ve said so.

So iTunes started into its automatic update for 9 while I was updating my Touch’s firmware. iTunes apparently did not have a check to see if anything important was happening in the app before it closed for installation - so yup, my Touch was stuck in upgrade hell. Nothing I could do but format it. I didn’t lose anything but my playlists and 5 hours rebuilding them/transferring my music back over, but damn it made me mad.

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So, wait, you got iTunes to run a file system check on a Linux system? Sounds like quite an added feature to me.

Homeshare is awesome. I imported a bunch of stuff from my windows laptop to my iMac easy peasy. Playback without importing was improbably seamless as well.

Psst! MacOS is Unix too! You can run fsck on MacOS if you really need to. (I haven’t had to do that manually since upgrading from 10.3, but still. ):slight_smile:

As we speak, I have 1311 of 2787 songs copied from my home Mac to our brand-spanking bouncing baby MacBook (half my library). It’s just trundling along in the background as I mess around with other stuff (should be done in another hour or so).

There are a couple of nifty new features, but JFC Apple, why do upgrades always come with disappearing features? Notably, the inability to see itunes store stuff in grid view, the vanishing of the ‘don’t download artwork to ipod’ checkbox, and the inability to drag itunes stuff into playlists to make custom wishlists.