I PIT isitlegalto


Date the ban will be lifted: 09-27-2013, 03:00 PM
This jackass; Thorax; (a moderator) has absolutley NO knowledge of the law. When I posted, in a professional, polite manner, my views, he went off on his crap and even posted the defintion of IGNORANCE from the dictionary.

I do not know if anyone posts over there, but it is a Q@A legal forum. I can not sign in so I do not know if my posts have been deleted.

If anyone checks it out, let me know. I PM’d the administrator; Cass; about his treatment of posters. Now either he banned me or that jackass Thorax.

I seemed to warrant banishment for a whole YEAR.

Me now, flaming and trolling, ha, what a jackass.

I won’t go into the legal discussions we had, but anyone who disagrees with him, he closes the thread.

I PIT that jackass Thorax. He claims to be a constitutional law expert, and he always points out he has written blogs about law and even sent me a PM telling me to educate myself if I wish to debate more.

My last thread I posted to a person about employment law, and he (or she??) posted back for her, if I remember correctly, “Out of conscience I will not delete the above post”.

After his I posted “If I disagree with you, will you close the thread”?

Wel, lo and behold, my posts were deleted. The MODERATOR position has gone to his head.

It’s okay for him to call me names, including ignorant, but when I called him on it, I got banned.

I suggest you set up your own message board and be as fascist as you want. THAT’LL show them!

Mod sass would get you a permanent ban at most boards I’ve posted at. Learn your role and shut your hole. And learn to spellcheck, because you sound legit retarded.

Out of curiosity, I checked out their forum for my state. I find the quality of answer to be pretty low. Someone posting as a moderator cited statues that do not exist in my state in answer to a family law question.

Wow, that was classy, I bet people are glad you do not moderte here.

Calling a person retarded is, and now it can say it, ignorant.

Based on some of your other treatment to posters I have read, your comment does not surprise me.

Here is an excerpt from my email that thorax posted in the thread.Now according to racheal dear above this is professional;

…You’re not reading a thing I’m saying are you? …I don’t know what a “lol about banning me” but you better learn to deal with arguments against what you’re saying. I promise I’m going to show proof of how everything you say in the future is wrong.

…And on your other post… do you mean Leo Katz? You may want to look his criminal past. No…that won’t work, find out who he’s getting money from. How about that? The guy is corrupt to the bone and NOT reliable. Like I said, educate yourself on the law before you post anymore because if you can’t handle a few facts I promise I’ll make your life a living hell. But if you’re willing to learn and listen to what others are saying you may just become an intelligent person…
I mentiond Katz v. United States citing “The 4th AM protects people not places”, and this was his brilliant answer.

This moderator says he will make my life a living hell, but Rachael is okay with that.

Yeah, Rachellelogram, get it straight! The OP isn’t retarded, he’s pretentious.

[sub]and a little bit retarded[/sub]

And people lie you hide behind message boards and shoot off thier mouth like thorax.

u mad bro?
<gets popcorn, settles in to watch>

Extra butter!!

You came to OUR waters, threw out chum into the water, tipped the rest of the bucket on your head, THEN expected the denizens of The Pit would not turn on you?! :eek: Wow… :rolleyes: I suggest you take some time to read, not post, and learn the well established, deeply ingrained culture of this place.

And if someone threatened anothers safety, did not happen here, but I have seen it, is that okay because it is the PIT?

The fact that you have to ask that proves you have not even read the handy stickied posting rules that are in each forum, much less the user agreement you agreed to when you signed up! :eek: :mad::rolleyes:

Although I am not a member of the “IsitLegalTo” forum, when I click on the link you provided, it shows a bunch of your posts (including the one followed by the statement “Out of conscience I will not delete the above post”. so it appears that your posts have not been deleted.

Domo arigato, isitlegalto Mata o hima de
Domo arigato, isitlegalto Himitsu wo shiri tai

After seeing these incindiary, outrageous, and filthy remarks I’m surprised you weren’t flogged in addition to being banned. How dare you pollute the internet with your nihilistic lowbrow balderdash. How dare you sir! I say how dare you!

And now that I have checked out a couple of threads, I think that thorax is seems pretty mistaken about the law (citing the Constitution in a case about a property line?). I’d say you’re better off not associated with his forum.

It’s never legalto.

Shit I been here like 10 years and I ain’t read 'em yet!

I’ll get to it.

If there’s one thing more interesting than an internet pissing match, it’s an internet pissing match between two people I’ve never heard of.