I pit Jon "War Machine" Koppenhaver

I had never before today heard of Jonathan Koppenhaver, the MMA fighter and part-time porn star. I had, however, heard of his girlfriend, fellow porn actress Christy Mack.

Who he sexually assaulted, savagely beat, and possibly intended to murder her in her home earlier this week;

That was on Sunday night, and “War Machine” is still on the run, though it hasn’t stopped himfrom updating his Twitter feed about how none of it is his fualt and he’s the victim. Oh, and the post on the night of the attacks where he insists that Mack “is my property and always will be”.

This young woman’s career is likely over. It’s going to take her months or years to recover from the physical injuries she suffered as a result of your insane alpha male jealousy, and she’ll be carrying the psychological scars for the rest of her life.

So I’d just like to say, War Machine, as someone who witnessed this same kind of abuse and thinking in his own home as a child (though thankfully not to this degree); you are scum. You are a subhuman troglodyte who sees women as possessions instead of as people. There is no possible justification for your actions. No matter what relationship you and she had in the past, no matter what may have transpired between you and this other person in her house, you have no right to beat someone half to death for having the audacity to move on at the end of a relationship. You are a rabid dog who needs to be put down. You are an argument for capital punishment, and it’s a shame that in this country you wont get the punishment you deserve, which is to have all the torture and misery you have inflicted given back to you tenfold. For the sake of humanity, just go crawl off and die so you can save the taxpayers the expense of having to put you on trial, you sorry sack of crap.

Yeah this jerk is a hell of a ‘man’. The sooner he is arrested, the better.

Nitpick: his legal name is actually War Machine, not Jon Koppenhaver. Either way I hope he is brought to justice.

Don’t worry, Dog the Bounty Hunter is on the case.

Number 1 on my list of people to not date, anyone named War Machine.

Number 2? Anyone who has an ex named War Machine.

Oh, I dunno. I might totally go for a girl named War Machine. A mediocre MMA fighter with impotence-induced rage issues? Pass.

The damn lowlife was deliberately seeking to inflict maximum pain and humiliation and to cause permanent injury and disfigurement if she lived, the form of the assault hints at more than just a common fit of rage.

While they were together she got “Property of…” inked on herself, now he lays claim to that. Horrible.

And he thinks HE is a victim.

This has to be some kind of mental illness. Stalkers and domestic abusers…gotta be something wrong with their brains…psychosis…that they cannot see things as they are.

Maybe he can get therapy while in prison.

Hey Smapti, I agree with you wholeheartedly in this thread.

It’s a despicable story. The images of Christy Mack are difficult to look at. And, the people defending this guy (and attacking the victim) on his Twitter page are reprehensible.

So… judging from his tweets, I’m piecing together that his story is he walked in and found her like that? Maybe it was Tyler Durden.

You’re probably closer than you think. He certainly seems to have some kind of mental illness.

Anyone who is more than a casual MMA fan is familiar with this guy and his history of bad decisions. This isn’t the first time he’s been involved in violence outside of the ring (after he was cut by the UFC he tried to be a porn star and beat somebody up at a party, I think that he did jail time on that one).

I’ve been following the story a bit; I’m sure that the truth is somewhere between the two accounts but frankly I’m betting it’s a helluva lot closer to Ms. Mack’s version than his. He’s a thug who needs to get caught.

Twitter must keep a log of what IP addresses are used to access which accounts for targeted ads and the like. I’m not sure logging on while your a fugitive would be a smart idea.

He must have had a moment of lucidity, since his last tweet was a few days ago.

No doubt he’ll claim some sort of temporary insanity/roid rage defense - he came to visit his girlfriend, saw this “other person”, got into it with him, and he lost control of his actions / doesn’t remember what happened. Hopefully the jury doesn’t buy it and the judge throws the hammer down on him - they could probably get him for attempted murder considering the brutality of the assault.

So far he’s wanted on seven counts of various types of aggravated battery and assaults, not attempted murder. I suppose that may change yet.

Attempted murder will be tough because it looks like he took pains to keep the victim alive so he could rape her at the end.

I’ve joked in the past about having a large wood chipper on the back end of a boat for Chum Funerals. Feeding the fish with our remains rather than wasting land to bury them or fuel to burn them.

Then there’s people who make me feel this idea shouldn’t be limited to the dead.

Suicide or Suicide by cop would not surprise me.

What I found particularly horrifying about Christy’s account was the DELIBERATENESS of War Machine’s brutality. He made her take a shower BEFORE he started beating her. Then he beat her badly enough to break bones, THEN he raped her. He is one sick fuck. But I don’t wish death on him. I hope he is caught, and tried, and then gets a sentence long enough that he gets to spend YEARS thinking about how very badly he fucked up when he did these things, long enough that when he leaves the jail he will be either in late middle age or a broken old man. He should definitely not be allowed to be free.

Attempted murder is one of the hardest charges to prove since it is all about intent.