Would you grow the fuck up and be an adult?

For Kriste’s sakes asshole, you are married and you have a one year old baby.

You are married to my best friend yet think it’s okay to:

Kick her ass and you get thrown in jail

Violate probation, and since the El Paso County Department of corrections is over flowing they can’t incarcerate you, but they let drug dealers (non-violent law breakers)seat it out. You are one lucky bastard cuz if you were in my court room and I was a judge your fucked up ass would be in jail for a lot longer than 2 months…wife beaters deserve to have their balls cut off even if it’s against law.

You go out and drink, drive and have no God-damned insurance on your car. You sat there and berated your wife to move her car, threatening her that you would hit and move it with your car it if she didn’t move it. Drunken asshole.

I get a call to help get your ass in jail…asshole you face 4 years if you get caught. I called the city cops and gave them all the information I had, I hope your fucking loser ass, son of a bitch (and while I am at it, your mom is a bitch and your dad has no fucking clue about your drinking and treat you like you are the golden child) gets caught tonight.

Fuck you asshole. If you don’t get caught tonight, I will ask my best friend to call me immediately so I can track your ass down, tail you until the cops show up.

You are worthless. You don’t even work, you aren’t even a man, you sit on your ass while your wife goes to work to bring home the money and get pissed off at her when she refuses to give you money.

Well FUCKING DUH, she has told you over and over again to get a fucking job and contribute to the family. You do have a one year old baby you asswipe. You threaten my best friend with the fact that you co-signed the lease on the rent…well mother fucker, your probation stated you must keep a job, you haven’t shown up for your probation meetings and your violence classes. You continue to drink, drive (also at the same time) and you have no insurance. If you don’t get busted tonight, I will ask best friend to let me know when you head over to your parents house I can have a cop arrest you when you pull out of the driveway. That’s enough to throw your disgusting excuse for a human in jail.

You better be damned scared because my ass is on your tail and I will be damned if you fuck my best friend over again. This is it you lower than life pond scum that doesn’t deserve to breath any of the O2 that any of my friends on LJ, Fathom or SDMB breathe…your dick should be cut off and used as an example to how NOT to treat women.

I wish you dead, yes, I do. I have a lot of people in my life I don’t like but you, YOU asshole I wish you dead. You have done such wrong to my best friend, you don’t know how much hate comes from my pores, from my heart, from my soul. You have the coveted “most hated person that techchick has ever known in her life” pin. That pin stabs you in the heart you selfish and heartless bastard.

I may be a drunk but at least I act in kind. You, asshole, have no regard for anyone but yourself. I wish you death, I wish you incarceration. I wish you bannished from all that I have known.

Sir, that is the worst hate I have ever known. I am even more pissed for feeling this much hate because I have never felt like this towards anyone in my life. It makes me disgusted in me to know a person like you.

I am so damn tempted to go through the cob webs of my mind and find a male friend to threaten his ass:

Get a job, stop drinking or you will be left in a position you will never see your family.

I am livid, I am pissed, I don’t think I have ever been this pissed off in my life knowing what my friend wishes would happen this night.

Luckily for me, I don’t know that person but I am tempted to find him to give him the biggest fucking scare he has ever known in his life.

Eh, got a friend that has a trucker husband, maybe she knows something.

Yeah it’s a bad thought and I would never act out on it but damn it’s tempting.

It’s usually a bad idea to post death-threats on the internet.

Uh no shit…read my words dumb ass…

Maybe you should sober up before you write anything more.

BTW, wishing someone is dead versus out and out saying you are going to call for a hit on someone are two ENTIRELY DIFFERENT things.

My God, when did people become so fucking serious with shit like this.

Because you wish someone was dead or had harm is not a death threat.


While I wish the asshole would kill himself in a car accident does not mean I am threatening his life.

Geezus Kerist people, lighten up.

And yes I wish I knew the right people to give him a big ass scare but I don’t so fucking lay off me. FUCK.

Maybe you shoudl quit reading into what I wrote into being a threat and lighten up.

Get your panties out of your ass, eh?

Fer fucks sakes, I basically said that he should be afraid:

FUCKING A, can’t believe people. I basically brought up the idea of getting the cops in on this the whole damn, while tempting as it may be to get someone to scare him, I wouldn’t…


Why do I fucking bother with this place.

Oh and I am not drunk, in fact quite sober. Thank you very much. I am livid, I am pissed. I have feelings about this man that wish he was jailed or he would crash his car (and not harm anyone else of course.)

God this place is too damn PC anymore.

Fuck you. Your second post that said you wouldn’t act on it didn’t come up until after I posted my response. This isn’t your diary - you were publically threatening a REAL person. But hey, whatever floats your boat - bye.


I didnt’ threaten him exept that I would tail his ass and have him arrested by law enforcement you ding dong.

God, I hate it when people love to read into what others have written…it’s really fucking lame.

If you have a question about the intention, ask it, don’t assume.

I said COPS a few times, dumb ass.

I have no problem with a threat. If this bozo had married my sister, his picture would be on the back of a milk carton.

So, why on earth did your friend marry such a contemptible louse? And why does she stay?

spooje because she’s afraid to be alone. She continually gets involved in relationships with violent assholes. I have been telling her for years she deserves better.

The funny thing is, they don’t show their true colors till much later in the in the relationship.

I don’t fault her though, I can’t really, I do but I don’t, if that makes any sense.

When she started dating him, we weren’t on speaking terms, had I seen any of his behavior I would have warned her but I didn’t know him until 3 months into their marriage.

I am sad, mad and pissed over this. Makes for some very difficult conversations and if she follows through with her promise to me that this is the last of his bullshit, I will support her. If she doesn’t follow through I can no longer be there for her.

Yeah…I have said that before, maybe I am just as bad as she is.

“Don’t cut womens dicks off”? :slight_smile:

Calm down, techchick. You seem a little, uh, on edge this evening. Step back, and look at this thread in the morning, and see if it really warrants all this language, and 6 replies to your own OP.

And this is for blowero, I did write this in my journal asshole. Here’s just one of my entries on this subject:

Coldfire I wrote this thread to get more steam off my chest then someone states that I am threatening someone when I didn’t. This fueled my anger.

If you knew (read my LJ) what I have dealt with in trying to support my friend, you’d probably understand why I am on edge.

This breaks my heart. I am stupid for supporting my best friend through this I guess which makes it that much harder to deal with. If I weren’t such a sap I would not care about her and continue to support her even though I said I have.

So maybe on some level I am mad at myself. Because I said I would not support her if she let him back. Here I am supporting her again through the same damn thing he did last time. She even changed the locks and put his stuff on the porch.

This is probably why I am more than angry, I am livid.

Don’t know if I will feel different in the morning Coldy but I sure don’t appreciate someone reading into my words that I was threatening someone when I wasn’t, that really pushed my feelings further.

er that would be said " …I have stopped supporting her in this issue."

Er something like that. Sheesh, I am flustered and annoyed.

I don’t “have a problem” with it either. I just said it was a bad idea. You may not have a problem with a threat, but the person who is threatened may. I don’t think techchick68 was actually planning to do anything, but people HAVE been sued for less than what she wrote. Not to mention if something happened to this guy, and the cops come and ask “Did you threaten him?”. “No, I just wrote some stuff about getting someone to assault him and wishing him dead, but I wasn’t actually gonna do it”. It’s obvious to you and me she’s NOT really going to do it, but why not err on the side of caution and not write that kind of stuff? What good does it do? This guy sounds like a piece of garbage, and her friend needs to leave him RIGHT NOW. That’s the only solution. Sorry if I’m too “PC”.

[braces for the barrage of cuss-words from techchick68]

Holy crrrrrrrap!

What a jerkoff (from the OP!). Doesn’t he know that you haven’t smoked in weeks and are capable of spontaneous combustion??


"She continually gets involved in relationships with violent assholes. I have been telling her for years she deserves better.

The funny thing is, they don’t show their true colors till much later in the in the relationship."

Well you see that’s the part that us “nice guys” out there find tough to believe. All these guys are “great” and then show their “true colours”. Maybe she should recognize whatever great qualities she seems fond of are linked to asshole qualities. Of course noone is going to push you down the stairs on the first date.

I’m with ya though, the next time he demands to leave drunk and gets in his car call the cops and give his license plate#. It’s not just revenge, it’s the right thing to do. :slight_smile:

I had left a message with his probation officer. Turns out the fuckwad has a warrant out for his arrest, they never thought to check my friend’s house to see if he was there. :rolleyes:

Shit, if I had known he had a warrant (the probation officer has my phone number) I would have turned him in before last night.

Oh and blow I am not worried about it, not at all, in terms of what you read.

He has not returned to the house to get his clothes…if he does, she’s calling the cops.

Damn I hope the cops find him this weekend and his ass would then be transferred to the state prison for a maximum of four years.

Mother fucking dickwipe.