I pit Jonathan Chance

Jonathan Chance claimed I was “genuinely out of touch with reality” for claiming that, given that he is doing Explosive Ordinance Disposal and hadn’t actually managed to blow anything up yet, that Trump is doing a damn fine job. Closing my thread was Un-American and close-minded as FUCK. He is using his position as moderator to make himself feel better about his own close-minded beliefs, otherwise known as confirmation bias due to cognitive dissonance and thusly constituting grounds for having his moderator status revoked with prejudice, by Trump and with further punishment under the standards of the Uniform Code of Military Justice thereby constituting Jonathan Chance’s retroactive induction into the military via the draft and Presidential Edict. Seriousy, what fucking planet is Jonathan Chance from if he really still believes that the President can’t personally fuck him in the ass and get away with it if he chooses and because it is in our best national security interest as concurred with by his closest and most intelligent advisors?

Ref: Why Trump is a Great President.

#FreeSpeechEvenOnSDMB #USA #USA #USA

Your thread being closed was an act of mercy. You are re-digging open the pit for yourself to fall back into now.

And if you’re trying to pose as a Trumper to false-flag troll (there are numerous varieties of trolling on the Internet, like Baskin Robbins, so I can’t be sure which of the 31 types you’re trying to imitate,) you’re doing a poor job of it.

A user who goes right to the Pit on their second day is a sock, right?

A sock would know moderation complaints go to ATMB, not the Pit.

A sock that lives under a bridge…

I can’t help but think of Hanlon’s Razor

Asshole sock would just claim he didn’t know any better just to take advantage of the situation.

That can’t happen until at least the next meeting of the Bilderberg Group, and it has to be a unanimous decision. Word is that the 2020 conclave will be held at the Super 8 motel in Bulls Gap, Tennessee (Bilderburgers are eschewing their usual luxury accomodations in order to maintain secrecy, plus the Bulls Gap Super 8 is pet-friendly and offers the free high-speed Internet so essential to world domination).

Fuck off you tedious cunt. If you really must troll at least attempt to be amusing.

Malice and stupidity are not mutually exclusive.

Your madness must be liberating.

Obvious trock is obvious. You’re not playing the part of a delusional loon very well. You can see the thought process behind trying to be incoherent.

EasyPhil, you dull bastard. How can we miss you when you won’t fucking leave?

It had that effect on me. I was so keyed up with impeachment frustrations, and here was a cute little breath of Batshit Wackshit H. R. Pufnstuff 'Shrooms-with-Varrrrrooms Let’s believe anything we want to! liber-AYYYYYY-tion!!!

It would’ve been a fun thread, in a make-fun-of-the-OP way. But I see JC’s point… we can’t give whack-jobs the message that we’re easy marks for their Illuminati/Cub Scout/Pizza Theory of the Week.

EasyPhil was loony, but wasn’t as out to lunch as this nut. But maybe he’s decided to up his game.

I also am against the threads closing, but only because it had a lot of entertainment value. I’m opposed to the “SDMB is srs bizness” attitude. It isn’t.

This is actually one of the more enjoyable trolls/socks I can remember. I wanna hear more! Tell us about the lizard people from space! Tell us about the Bilderbergers! Tell us EVERYTHING!

I pit Pit Viper eye pits. Extra infared eyes are just creepy. Stick to smelling with your tounge, you weirdos!

Don’t you realize? He’s a sleeper agent and he was activated to silence you.

So, two things you should know.

First, complaints about moderation are not allowed in the Pit. If you have an issue with something a moderator has done, the place to discuss it is ATMB. Not here.

Second, there are a lot of really effective anti-psychotics on the market these days. Consult your doctor today!

Anyway, this thread is closed.