Abuse of position by Moderators

I recently had a thread closed in General Discussions (“Evolution: Two Intriguing Lamarckian Experiments” http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?threadid=61016) and complained about it in “Censorship of Evolution: Two Intriguing Lamarckian Experiments” http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?threadid=61296).

This second tread was closed with the post:

I don’t feel that I reopened the original post - I merely complained about the rationalization used to close it.

Of particular interest in the above quote is the postscript “And, by the way, if it can’t be replicated, it ain’t scientific results.”

Naturally one would have to read the thread to understand the context in which the words appear but this is not really necessary to comprehend the following:

It is a classic behaviour pattern of an abusive personality to use whatever “power” the artificial structure of society gives them to affect another persons life and then, when on a psychological “high”, to further add to whatever distress they imagine they have inflicted on their victim.

The specific significance of the postscript is, of course, that it leaves no opening for a reply!. Through such righteous and rationalized behaviour are young children trauamatized.

I further predict, should the above moderator read this, that instead of expressing her reaction in a natural way, she will want to “punish” further.

I would like to add that when a person has a hidden capacity for “badness” that no human being is born with, and is intermittently triggered by the supposed misdemeanors of others, that neither I or the rest of the world are responsible for that “badness” being there.

And by the way, the experiments give every indication of being repeatable though I do understand the psychological reasons that makes you see only what you want to see. There was no suggestion in that thread that the experiments weren’t repeatable - rather the opposite in fact!.

I await your reaction with bated breath and am only thankful that I am not a young child, behind closed doors, who has knocked a drink over.

There, I feel much better now!


Sheesh! What an egomaniac. You , not Lynn.

Of course it left an opening. Thus, your reply. QED.

Word to the wise:

Let it go. They don’t fucking care.

You’re not a child. Lynn is not your Mum.

Get over it.

jorolat, if you had been around more than three days you would know enough that you would probably have been fine with the mods and admins if you had merely reopened the discussion in Great Debates, not in GQ. That’s the only real issue here - your complete ignorance of board conventions, and apparent unwillingness to learn about them.

Some of the regular Pit-dwellers will be along shortly to give you a thorough toasting. I hope you enjoy it. :smiley:

Fire away, gang.

And you put that thread/complaint in the WRONG FORUM. This thread is in the proper forum.

If you want to argue about reproducible results, and whether or not one off experiments should be given credence, that’s probably best discussed in Great Debates.


A well thought out response, in the proper forum.

A few questions:

Do you have a cite for this? Just because you assert it doesn’t make it so.


When a person has a hidden capacity for “badness”… They either do or they don’t. If they do, it can either be “triggered” or it can’t. If “triggered” they must either act on it or they don’t. Either way it either exists and they decide to act, or it doesn’t exist. Of course, no one else is responsible. Your point?

So you’ve made a conscious adult decision to publicly piss down the front of your own pants and into the cereal of others?

jorolat, are you stupid??? You are putting yourself in a position to get flamed majorly with this thread in the pit. The mods and admin are quite possibly the most dangerous, most witty, most intelligent people on here, and to insult them is pure ___________(fill-in-the-blank). I hope they roast you alive.

jorolat, I note from your profile and homepage that you have an interest in studying trauma in infants/children, negative parental effects, and bullying origins.

Could it be that you look too hard on this board for that which you study?

Ahh…don’t worry Jorolat…all the Mods are circumcized, that’s why they’re such jerks. All except Coldfire…he’s not circumcized but he’s a jerk anyway.

Hell I’d comment about this guy being “picked” on by the big bad moderators around here but I can’t get past something. Why in the fuck does he put a period after his exclamation points? Good god man learn some decent fucking grammar. Sorry to be such a nitpick but fuck man a 1st grade child knows better than that! Notice no period after the exclamation point.

Again with the moderator bashing.

Here’s a clue: Sign up with an unmoderated board.


[li]If you are butting heads with a moderator within your first week, you will either change quickly (inor) or leave quickly.[/li][li]If you find yourself wondering…“Is it just me?”[/li]
Then it probably is.

[li]Put you threads in the right forums and you will avoid 90% of the potential moderator problems you feel so strongly about.[/li]
[li]There is no forum called “General Discussions”[/li][li]If Lynn has this huge pyschological problem that you can spot so easily, then what does it say about you when you get all bent out of shape over some tiny little postscript?[/li]
Couldn’t you just have let it go?
[li]Back away from the keyboard, drop this grudge and post a thread in GD.[/li]
We have been waiting breathlessly in GD to FINALLY have a debate on creationism Vs. evolution.

When you are done with that thread, maybe we could finally get around to talking about gun control, abortion, or whether or not Snark Hunter is gay.

Lynn is an administrator, not a moderator. As such, she cannot abuse her position - goddesses do what they will.

I believe that jorolat is a legitimate person. My only evidence for this is the fact that he posted the exact same question he opened his first thread here on the talk.origins newsgroup. He has gotten much more response here than on Usenet, but I think someone over there had an idea how he could find his irreproducible studies.

However, that does not excuse his pissing and moaning about being abused when he is instructed to post in the appropriate forum.

jorolat, get over yourself and follow the instructions of the Moderators. They have enough real assholes to deal with without your expecting them kowtow to your whims.

Mr. jorolat was told, in the first thread mentioned in the OP:

I guess 'Lat just wants to be ridiculed, so I’ll indulge him.

You’re an idiot, 'Lat. A genuine, certified, Grade-A moron. The reek of dumbshitness that you exude would kill an elephant and melt the polar ice caps.

Does that make you feel better?

I think I am going to create a tshirt to sell to all SDMBers, it will have a cool logo on the front and on the back it will say:

“Abused by a moderator”

:roll eyes:

< violins playing >

hehe – I’ve been in seclusion, so I’m not much fun right now. One more day and I am back to the world.

You know, I think the title Moderator isn’t enough. How about Grand High Poobah-that sounds sooo much cooler! And Admins could be God or Goddess to you, you little worms!
THAT would rock so fucking hard.

jorolat-does the word LURK mean anything to you? Jesus H. Christ on whole wheat toast! EVERY time I come to the Pit, there’s yet ANOTHER The Mods are Picking On Me thread.

Bored. Next.

Well, not totally anyway…
and it continues
and, <sigh>, gets worse from there…

(Apologies where appropriate, jsut couldn’t resist…:D)

Oh, Lynn!. Whip me!. Beat me!. Call me Myrna!.