I pit jtur88

jtur88, you are a fucking ass!!

Seriously dude, must you go in everyone’s thread for the sole purpose of laying a giant stinking turd?
Your latest turd here. where you are basically complaining about a dude who called the police to stop a child from being raped.
You have many other turds you have dropped through out this board. But I’m just coming off a 12 hour shift and am too tired to search for them and leave links.

Perhaps others will chime in.

In any case, you are a fucking ass!!

Here’s one, in which he somehow tried to defend the people running a call center in India that defrauded Americans by pretending to be from the IRS and threatening them with arrest and prosecution.

Some folks have something like a pathological need to be contrary. He’s one of 'em.

And, in that same thread, posted hearsay about India not allowing McDonald’s then got all pissy when corrected.

Blame the moldy food JTard eats from dumpsters.

In my travels, I’ve found some backwater indigenous peoples enjoy stinky turds. If only everyone else were as smart as I am.

Besides, it’s all marketing.

BTW, I have a girlfriend!

Should I weigh in now or wait until I see which way the crowd goes?

Jesus is real! I have ontological proofs!

Too many? :wink:

This pitting is overdue and deserved bigly. The guy thinks he’s “telling it like it is” when he wanders into every thread to take a big shit. Thank goodness for the ignore function.

We call him jturd over on another message board. Just sayin’

Don’t forget the “heil hitler” he has at the end of his moniker. Always a good sign.

I hear he’s completely blind yet has no problem driving down to the nearest dumpster to find dinner every night.

Is there a name for this. I have an ex-friend who took the opposite side of anything I would say.

How do you think he can afford to travel around the world twice a year?

When one sense is lost, the others become more acute. Like smell.

I’m surprised he hasn’t weighed in on this thread yet.

Oldest food you’ve eaten?

No they don’t.

Not always. Sometimes it’s road chicken. With a side of road cabbage.

I blame it on his eating of too many banana peels.

ISTR a “Dilbert” character doing exactly this but the character is too minor to show up in the usual character lists.

I one-thousand percent support this pit. He’s a bitter misogynist, which explains why he thinks there was no crime with regard to that thread. What a useless bag of water.

My favorite thing about jturd is his complete belief that all medical care, of any kind, is bad and a complete waste of time. Appendicitis? Let it burst. Pneumonia? Cough up a lung. All doctors are charlatans and it’s a waste of time and money to see one.

I can’t tell if he’s a retiree or a troll faking the whole thing.

How cynical of you, it is merely coincidence that all trolls were born in 1988. :stuck_out_tongue: