I pit militants.

Militants suck.

Militant bicyclists block motor vehicle traffic.

Militant islamists kill everyone around them.

And now, militant breast owners are insisting on punishing Victoria’s Secret for…what?

Here’s what happened:
one VS store employee refused a customer’s request to use a dressing room for breastfeeding purposes. customer followed up with VS corporate and received an official apology and a $150 store gift card. VS went even further:

Sounds like a nice denouement, yes? Company offiically apologizes, says “this shouldn’t have happened; here, have a $150 shopping spree on us,” and publicly affirms its already-extant pro-breastfeeding policy.

But militant breast owners everywhere aren’t satisfied.


All this because one employee in one store mistakenly said “no.” The apology, gift certificate, and reaffirmation of corporate policy don’t seem to mean anything.

So fuck militants for making a big, unforgiving deal out of every single infraction.

I think you’ve confused militant with asshole.

Your welcome

Kill the militant extremists!

Some people are just militanty anti-militant.

showed more enthusiasm than mine.

I thought it was well known that Frederick’s of Hollywood already has the nursing demographic sewn up.

I’m just pleased that there’s a right to feel sexy.

Does VS carry nursing bras?

It’s one of the rights reserved to the people under the Tenth Amendment. (You don’t see any enumerated power to feel sexy given to the Federal Government in the Constitution, do you?)

Oh, so VS means Victoria’s Secret now?

Maybe I should rethink seeing Ecks VS Sever.

Militant pacifists are the worst.

It’s one of those penumbraic emanations.

I’m waiting for the militant milliners. Down with baseball caps!
Or the militant millers. Flour power!

I’m assuming they’ll make war on the cheesemakers. What’s so special about cheesemakers?

Spelling police violation! :eek:

It’s “you’re”.

No, don’t thank me.

[sub]Damned militant mis-spellers…[/sub]

Oh yeah?? Well, peace to you!
And your mama!

Blessed are the cheesemakers for they were the first humans God made-Edam and Eve.

Definitely confrontational. Arguably extreme. I’d say it fits your definition.

Seems to me that it’s just an obvious application of the right to feel secure about my person.

Actually I was point out that Machine Elf owns a welcome.
Whatever made you think that *I *would welcome anyone?:dubious: