I pit militants.

Thanks, I’ve been looking for that thing for a few days now, wondered where I put it.

I don’t think it’s a matter of dissatisfaction. I think this is an opportunity to get lots of free publicity and they’re grabbing it.

I’m really not seeing good things coming from the idea that anyone’s changing rooms are required to be available as nursing rooms as a matter of policy. Quietly allowing the use if it’s a slow time, sure. I have no problem with that. Assuming they don’t also have a bored, roaming toddler. And the suggestion, in the article, of using the alley out back was just odd. I have no problem with complaining about that one incident in that shat store, provided the press release got details right.

But trying to enforce squatter’s rights on changing rooms, especially one franchises changing rooms? Not good. I’m picturing things like in this thread.

I would have assumed that militant nursing advocated would be pushing for the naturalness of sitting on a bench in the mall, rather than having to duck into a shop to hide. Perhaps that plaza doesn’t have benches. Perhaps the threat of a nurse-in is all that’s going to happen, and it’s only meant to cause people to think. But I really think that the idea that changing rooms must be nursing rooms is a bad idea and backwards.

I see what you did there.

Militants usually have guns.

Angry women with tits and guns. And they know how to use them both?

Oh, yeah baby!

Squirt guns?

I was all ready to be like “that’s bullshit, women can breastfeed anywhere they want, etc.” because in most cases I think people being labeled “militant” breastfeeders aren’t being militant at all. But in this situation, no, they (her and anyone else taking issue with it) are being total assholes. She had a right to sit down in any available seat or stand anywhere anyone could stand and feed her baby. She didn’t have a right to a dressing room. It was fine to ask, but she should have accepted no for an answer, and that would be the end of it. Them giving her a $150 gift card was above and beyond. Still causing a bigger issue beyond that? Nothing to do with breastfeeding and everything to do with being an entitled asshole.

Didn’t someone end up on charges after squirting a cop? with breast milk?

Straight from the original dispenser? There might be local statutes against that…

Breast owners? You mean like Ed Gein?

Forgive me for being cynical but I get the feeling this is really an attempt to extort more money out of VS for their organization. They know VS doesn’t want any more bad publicity and will likely do anything to make them go away.

…my favourite militant.

Edam and Brie. Their sin was made void by Cheesus.*

*I’m getting the 1st Class handbasket for that one.:smiley: