Burger King's lamest apology EVER!


So a lady goes into Burger King and starts nursing her baby. The managers get a complaint and ask this lady to cover herself or go to the bathroom.

What this lady was doing is 100% legal. They have no more right to ask her to go to the bathroom than they would to ask someone to go to the bathroom in order to eat their French Fries there.

Lady asks BK for an apology and gets this lame old response, “Burger King Corporation and our franchisee apologize for any inconvenience any of our guests experienced at our restaurant on November 10, 2003.”

How unsatisfying is that? They could be apologizing to the guy in a different city who asked for 3 packages of ketsup and only got 2.

Admit what you did, and why it was wrong!

uh, well, I guess, I mean the store says the employee asked, while she says she was ordered to. I don’t see anything especially egregious about asking.

It’s not like they put her baby in the frying oil or something. I don’t see why they should have to grovel. Expecting anything better than a form letter from a company like that is naive. Hell, I wrote to them complaining about the drive-thru chick who gave my food to another car, told me about it, and refused to do anything until I went in and forced her to give me my food while I stood there and watched her put it in the bag, and I didn’t even get the form letter.

Oh great, this argument again.

I think it’s stupid that it bothers people, and I think that lady should be more aware of her surroundings.

Ah, the tried-and-true “I’m sorry you’re such an asshole” maneuver. Classy.

You are doing something perfectly legal in a restaurant, let’s imagine you are reading a book.

The manager comes up and asks you to please read your book in the toilet. Don’t tell me you wouldn’t be annoyed.

Of course they should apologize. This lady isn’t asking for a million dollars in pain and suffering money. Just an apology.

This is the best they could come up with???

What an effective use of corporate time… Next time I go to Burger King I’m going to suckle on my girlfriends teet and tell them it’s my unalienable right. Get over it, no one wanted to see your mammaries.

Well rational or irrational , people generally don’t have a problem with bookreading in public.

Compound that by doing it in a place people are eating.

I see we have a new asshole.

It’s Burger King’s restaurant, they can ask her to do whatever they like. They have nothing to apologize for unless they were being verbally abusive or something.

Elder What you are describing is illegal in public. The actual situation is not. See a difference?

World Eater, exactly, people are eating. Just like the baby was eating. It’s a place for folks to eat.

And the question is not whether someone ‘has a problem’ with it. The point is that the mom was doing something legal and was asked to do it in the toilet by the BK management. They don’t get the choose which laws to follow in the restaurant.

The actual Utah law says the you "may not prohibit a woman’s breast feeding in any location where she otherwise may rightfully be, irrespective of whether the breast is uncovered during or incidental to the breastfeeding. "

Whether or not it is BK’s restaurant, they don’t get to break the law.

Ok, so it’s legal, it doubt some minimum wage slave knew that.

DTC you are right.

Did you miss the part about Utah state law guaranteeing the right to breast-feed anywhere?

That may be true, but as a private business don’t they get to say who may or may not be on their premesis regardless of the reason? Not that I don’t think they were assholes for making a scene of it all, but legally they can refuse service or ask anyone to leave their store for any reason. I don’t think the law would support her right to remain on the premesis if they asked her to leave and she didn’t. Or am I mistaken in my understanding?

Probably the manager in question didn’t know the law. That’s a good reason BK corporate should give this lady a REAL apology.

Sorry, but they have a strict “No Shirt No Shoes No Service” policy.

Alright this is starting to piss me off now.

You would have thought this lady was nailed up to the cross. Some dumb assistant manager made a bad call and told the lady to beat it, and he was wrong. Fire him or do whatever, they apologized, so end of fucking story.

That’s the problem with this country, people making the biggest deals out of microscopic shit.

She didn’t ask for the manager to be fired, SHe didn’t ask for a monetary compensation. All she asked for is an apology.

That’s where this pitting comes in.

“Burger King Corporation and our franchisee apologize for any inconvenience any of our guests experienced at our restaurant on November 10, 2003.”

Does that seem like any kind of a real apology to you???

Yes it does.