Women push for public breastfeeding policy at Starbucks, stage "nurse-in"

Breast feeding in public has been a pretty hot topic here before. I ran across this interesting editorial today in The Washington Post concerning an effort to get Starbucks to enact a national corporate policy to allow public breast feeding in their stores. One woman recently organized a “nurse-in” at a local Starbucks.

Article here: Do Me a Favor, Keep a Lid on Your Double Latte

Some excerpts:

Personally I have to say I totally agree with the editorial. I know this opinion has gotten me flamed here before, but I think the article brought up some good points and I thought I’d throw it out there for your opinions!

I was going to put this in Great Debates, but I think it would be more fun to discuss it here.

Yeah, I have no problem at all with women breastfeeding in public, but they should be discreet enough that their whole breast isn’t hanging out. My mom breastfed three kids and I don’t remember anyone having a problem with it because she always covered up with a light blanket if we were in public.

Breastfeeding in public never really bothered me, it’s not like I stare at the lady anyway. I must say this lady insisting that Starbucks issue a policy when they have agreed to comply with the law sort of annoys me.

She’s either a hypocrite, or unemployed.

How do you figure she could be unemployed? There’s nothing in there about her not having a job.

Hypocrite, I’d buy. The problem was resolved. She’s decided to take it national, thus un-resolving it.

Are there any states in the Union that have laws prohibiting breastfeeding? Fat chance that Starbuck’s will issue a corporate policy telling some of their branches to break the law if there are…

Of course, there’s also this:

But really, what’s the big deal about titties in public. I couldn’t care less if they’re out there for either sex.

I find it amusing that the author of the article listed a whole bunch of icky behavior, none of which would cause a waiter to ask you to move.

I don’t have any children, so I have to ask: Isn’t a 15 month old a bit old to be breast fed?

Please. Like infants just hate to be warm, dark, and cozy while nursing.

I disagree with the OP and believe that we, as a nation, need to get over the fact that infants get their food from boobies. Many of you are here today only because you sucked on your mom’s breasts as a baby. Deal.

However, I have to ask: If she’s breastfeeding, what’s she doing at Starbucks? Shouldn’t she be avoiding caffiene while breastfeeding, especially since coffee has much more caffiene than most soft drinks? I suppose it’s possible she’s only getting biscottis and ice water, but let’s just call it unlikely.

She wants Starbucks to issue a nationwide policy, which would necessarily include states where there aren’t already laws prohibiting restrictions on public nursing.

And, of course, stpauler beat me to my point.

They have herbal tea and decaf, too.

Breastfeeding trauma, and breast exposure in general, is one of those things I think it is High Time We Got the Fuck Over ™. If you can deal with a man showing his tits, you can deal with a woman showing hers.

Starbucks? What happened to McDonald’s?

Starbucks has decaf coffee, teas, and non-coffee blender selections, too.

Gotta go wtih the OP here(or at least the arcticle quoted), I have no desire to sit at a Starbucks and watch breasts! No matter who or what is attached. I wouldnt want to sit in a Starbucks and see a mans chest either!! And dont give me crap about it being “natural”. Farting is natural too, but I don’t go to my local Starbucks to do it!!

There is a time and place for everything, Starbucks aint it. If you knew your baby would be hungry, take 5mins and pump some milk before you go out!

Now, if this same situation was in a public park, I wouldnt have a problem with it. But in small places I think its rude.

Actually… one of the things that crop up in the news from time to time is the possibility of hormone treatments that might allow men to breasfeed babies. If this were to come to pass, would those people who have expressed the opinion that women breastfeeding doesn’t bother them change their votes? Anybody got an objection to a man whippin’ one out and feeding a kid at a restaurant? Hypothetically-speaking, of course.

Can someone remind me again of the biological purpose of breasts?

Kidding aside, I can see how an infant human eating from the gland evolved for that purpose might traumatize people. I say we ban eating in public altogether! All that licking and masticating ::Shiver::

I mean isn’t the argument that breasts have a secondary sexual purpose and therefore should be hidden? Well so to mouths! You can lick or suck naughty bits with them! Won’t someone please think of the children?!

I have to admit that comparing farting with breastfeeding is leaving me aghast.

I agree with matt_mcl that we need to get the fuck over it already.

As for the following:

blankets: it can get really hot under one. Have you ever felt how hot a baby is? With a blanket, even a light one, I feel like I am suffocating. I can only imagine what it’s like for the baby.

As for pumping?
In my case, my daughter refuses a bottle. Flat out refuses.

As for the age?
The world organization (I forget it’s exact name, sorry!) recommends breast feeding to 3 years.
While I do not breast feed in public (I would rarely go out when she was a baby), I support the right of those that do. Breast feeding in a bathroom is a horrible thing (I had to do it once).

15 months is not too old to be breastfeeding. Babies still need milk at that age, and while cows milk is an option after 12 months, mother’s milk is a superior option.

Also, while some babies like dark warm places to nurse, a 15 month old is likely old enough to have developed a preference that is perhaps NOT dark and warm. You can’t put a blanket over the head of a child that doesn’t want it. They will move it with their little arms or squall until you move it.

I don’t think starbucks needs a national statement. But I think that people need to get over it. If it would be okay for her to bottle feed the baby, it should be okay for her to breastfeed it as well. They are totally equivilent acts.

There is no equivilent allowed public act for farting or peeing.

I’m very pro-breast feeding but don’t think we should elevate it to a spectator sport. The baby should be able to nurse at Starbuck’s but the mother should make every effort (and extra effort if required) to do so discreetly.