Women push for public breastfeeding policy at Starbucks, stage "nurse-in"

Breastfeeding is appropriate (and should not be interfered with) in any venue where noninfants are allowed to eat. And probably in most of the places where they aren’t.

I can’t get to the article without registering, and I’m lazy — what’s the deal, is she demanding the right to breastfeed with no covering? Did they ask her to use a blanket or something and she refused?

Most nursing moms use a baby towel or something.

Lessee… an adult woman exposing her nipple for .2 seconds versus a hungry, cranky baby screaming its lungs out for several minutes… I know which one I’d prefer next to me in a small coffee bar.

I also have no desire to sit at starbuck and watch breasts. I’m not picky at all where I sit to watch breasts.

Well, I can understand why you’d think it rude of me to fart in your froth.
I understand the offensiveness of of gaseous anal discharge.
I fail to grasp the offense of an infant feeding.
That’s the jist of it. I just don’t know why it is offensive.

I’m not saying that no one should be allowed to be offended by whatever they damn well choose. I mean, what’s the point of having the world’s largest nuclear arsenal if an American can’t get offended at whatever-the-fuck he’d like to find offensive.

Nor am I saying that those who decide to find such things offensive should be forced to witness such things.

I just don’t understand the choice of those who decide to be offended by nursing infants.

Janet Jackson or a screaming baby?

I’m not ready to make up my mind yet.

Is there anyway to prevent her from singing?

Amen, brotha! People are such prudes. Breastfeeding has NOTHING to do with sex, and getting all uptight about it simply because breasts can be utilized sexualy in addition to lactating is the height of stupidity. It’s the same as complaining about a guy peeing, simply because he can use the same organ to fuck if he wants to. ( And no, I am not proposing a “pee-in” at the local Starbucks, or advocating peeing in public or anything like that, it’s simply another example of a dual-use body part)

Yeah, shove a nipple in her mouth.

I was the person who posted that originally, and I got it from my bfing board. It seems that there was not enough support to hold the McDonalds nurse-in, plus, because of the lack of coverage of the original incident, there was just not enough oomph to make it happen.

Here is the link to the post about the starbucks…one of the women on my board was active in the nurse-in


I personally believe that if you can eat somewhere, why can’t your baby? Why do so many people have hangups about boobs? When I’m nursing my baby, you can’t see my nipple anyway. I think I expose a lot less flesh than some of these skinny little girls wearing barely there shirts and low low hipster jeans.

To all the people who get uncomfortable seeing a baby eating the way they’re supposed to, get the fuck over it. Or look in the other direction! I am giving my baby the best thing in the world for her and who the fuck are you to say I have to hide when I do it? I’m not ashamed of her eating. If it bothers you that much, why don’t you take your food or coffee into the bathroom and consume it there. Or better yet, put a blanket over your head and eat your food underneath it.

I don’t really get this argument. I’m in the camp of those who don’t like public breastfeeding


it takes no effort at all for me to LOOK AWAY.

That’s it. I’d say most of the time these women are breastfeeding and I don’t even notice it. If my glance happens to fall upon them by accident I don’t expect them to run and hide. It’s my hangup, my responsibility to avert my eyes.

To clairify, I never said it was offensive, nor do I think it IS offensive. I just think that watching a titty being sucked on while I drink my coffee…well…just not the appropriate time for that.

Really what it comes to, is, who is more important? My desire to drink coffee, sans breast. Or a mothers desire to feed her kid RIGHT now? Well I can drink coffee at home all nice and private if I wanted, but then a mother could breastfeed at home the same way.

I’d rather see laws change than corporate policy.

Corporate policy is easy to change - “sure, we will make this a policy - and next month change it”. Its pretty easy to ignore. Just because Starbucks has a corporate policy to be breastfeeding friendly, doesn’t give a nursing mom much room when the local manager kicks her out. The police won’t enforce a corporate policy. She can complain to the corporate office and they will maybe slap the manager on the wrist. If she knows they have the policy. I don’t want to know what the policy is in every business I frequent.

Also, as was pointed out, corporate policy can’t override laws. So if the corporate policy at Starbucks is to allow breastfeeding, its hard for them to want to pass that if some of their stores are in locations where breastfeeding is classed as indecent exposure and allowing it could get the corporation in trouble.

Laws are laws. Giving women a right to breastfeed at Starbucks (as is the law in Minnesota, where I am) is much more powerful. Manager wants to throw me out, I explain the law, and tell him to go ahead and call the cops to throw me out.

So don’t watch! It really doesn’t take much to avert your eyes.

You obviously don’t have kids because if you did, then you would know that if a baby is hungry, you have to feed them RIGHT now, otherwise you have a crying, screaming mess on your hands. Believe me, if my baby is hungry, I don’t have time to take her home to feed her.

I don’t get this argument. What do you mean “watch?” What would you be doing “watching?” Not only are people not required to look at the breastfeeding woman for more than a passing second or so, it would be rude to do so. Just as it would be rude to stare at her chest under any other circumstance.

Also, I have a question for nyctea scandiaca: How come it’s okay to tell breastfeeding women to stay out of public places, but it’s not okay to tell Bacon Woman to confine her pork-eating to her own time?

cher3, I don’t really dig chicks at all…but I do believe I love you. :smiley:

Funny you should put this here because you totally agree with the article because I was about to do the same but to completely disagree and to call Roxanne Roberts a total nutcase. I’m so incensed by the accusations she makes about breastfeeding mothers (breast nazis? nice) and the analogies she makes to breastfeeding (clipping toenails, passing gas and bleching?) that are so patently wrong and misinformed, I’ve in the midst of composing a letter to the Washington Post in response.

[rant on:]

“Assault on the right to a peaceful cup of Joe”? Give me a fucking break! It’s not about “imposing a belief system on those who do not share her views”, it’s about fucking feed her baby. That’s all it is! He’s hungry. She’s feeding him. What the fuck, you stupid twat, do you think women did before the invention of bottles?!? They used their breasts for what they were intended for.They nursed their infants. They fed them. At their breasts. They took out their breast and they let their child suckle. Why is this so fucking hard to grasp?!? It’s really not anyone else’s problem if you only have the ability to look at a tit and think it should only be used to get you to drink Coors Light.

For fuck’s sake, read your damn paper, drink your damn vente skim double latte, chatter on your cellphone, whatever, but really, why do you CARE SO DAMN MUCH that I’m feeding my child? Just don’t look! Why is that so hard? I believe one of the other things that isn’t done in “polite society” is staring at strangers.

Would you prefer that I just let me child scream and wail, Roxanne? Would that be better? Oh, I see, Roxanne, in your perfect little Starbuckian utopia, babies wouldn’t just decide, after mommy finally got the diaper bag packed, the spit up off her only semi-clean shirt and decided to venture outside because she too, would like to feed her frappaccino habit, that he is hungry. And he.is.hungry.now. Better mommy, in shame and horror that she is a mammal, scurry quickly and descreetly to the nearest public toilet to feed her child. Yeah, the toilet. You know. Where people take dumps. That public toilet.

Yes, I know, poor put up you, Roxanne, it is indeed all about you and your needs. I know how awful it must be to see…hmmm, the very top part of my breast tissue just barely visible over my nursing infant’s head. Yes, yes, I understand that the Britney Spears wannabe sitting two tables over is exposing much more of herself in that low cut top but really, yes, you’re right, I should be ashamed and worthly of your condescention. That you so much for showing me the error of my lactating ways. :smack:

[rant over]

stpauler, you can drink coffee while nursing. Please note the “limit intake” part of the cite. And for all you know, these women are indeed drinking decaf.

You can also drink, in moderation, alcohol. Actually, some women who are having supply issues are told to drink dark beer to help boost it.


I find that when I’m in a restaurant, I spend very little time looking at the other patrons, especially when I don’t want to look at them. This may be because I have eyelids, and because my eyes face only one side of my head, though; those people whose 360-degree vision cannot be turned off may have a valid complaint.

Note that my nose does not have noselids, and my nose DOES pick up odors from all directions simultaneously I’d far prefer Starbucks pass rules against farting than against breastfeeding.


*imposing a belief system on those who do not share her views. *

Breastfeeding is now a belief system? A * belief system?*

What the hell is coughing? A dominant world religion?

Seriously, I understand that not everyone is comfortable with seeing breastfeeding. But I don’t think discreet nursing mothers should be driven underground by such discomforts. Those attitudes, even though they are widely shared, are really wrong and misinformed. They’re based in ignorance and a strange belief that seeing a nursing baby is somehow akin to seeing a sexual act.

Unfortunately, I think this sort of in-your-face advocacy is not the right approach. But that doesn’t mean that the person who is made squeamish by breastfeeding should get to dictate how or where a mammal feeds her offspring.

Everything is a belief system now. Even things that are neither a belief nor a system. There are no ideas anymore. It’s one of the most pervasive and annoying euphemism/pop-culture meme/buzzphrases of our time.

Personally, I don’t give a flying fig about breasts, sexually or otherwise, so a breast feeding mother doesn’t make me bat an eye no matter where she is. The Swedish Bikini Team could sashay in buck naked and I wouldn’t look up from my latte. Society is far too prudish about many things that are arbitrary and inconsequential, IMO.

That said, might it behoove a breast feeding mother to make a minor concession to modesty and cover up at least a little? That way she gets to exercise her rights, the baby gets to eat, and no one should be offended. And the mother avoids any hassle. Besides, if she wouldn’t sit there bare-breasted without a baby, why do it with one? A breast is still a breast whether there’s a baby attached to it or not. Just playing devil’s advocate here.

The “rights” issue notwithstanding, I hardly think it’s possible for this woman to get Starbucks to adopt a nationwide policy of breast feeding friendliness. If local laws consider breast feeding indecent exposure, then I don’t think that Starbucks, large and powerful though they are, can overrule that.

I do NOT agree with the writer that this is about “imposing a belief system on those who do not share (it)” or about “taste and prevailing social norms.” The fact that some people find something offensive is not a valid reason to forbid others to do it/say it/wear it/whatever. As you may have surmised, I’m gay, but I’ll leave that aside for something slightly less contentious: how about interracial couples? Some people find them offensive; does that mean they shouldn’t go to Starbucks, or anywhere else, for fear of “offending” anyone? Are they “imposing their belief system on those who do not share it” by not adhering to “prevailing social norms”? Should people not wear religious symbols, or have political bumper stickers on their vehicles, or otherwise do/have/wear/say anything that might conceivabley offend someone somewhere? None of us would ever be able to leave the house. Not a strong argument by the writer, IMO. I wasn’t able to access the article, but my sense is that the writer is a woman. If so, she might consider that “prevailing social norms” once prevented women from voting, driving, owning property, or working outside the home. Change happens.

What’s wrong with just doing the breastfeeding in a discreet manner and not making a big deal out of it?

Unless someone rips off half her shirt and lays a breast right over the table, what’s the big deal?