I Pit Myself For Thinking This Is Funny


Best part: “Such a heinous act is bound to sully India’s image among overseas investors.”

While this is bound to sully our reputations by admitting it, I laughed too.

Ditto. I just couldn’t figure out a way to post it without it turning into a trainwreck.

Yeah, there might be a pile-on.

Well, I guess you could call that a union.

Nah, this is exactly why the conference call was invented.

For fuck’s sake.

Even The Times’ comment section is populated by idiots.

It is sort of funny, though.

I don’t find it funny, but I can’t summon any outrage at those who might.

Bunch of stupid fucks.

If one of you goes to work and gets killed for doing your job, I’ll be sure to post here about how funny it is (or weasel words that essentially mean the same thing).

If I go to work and get killed tomorrow you’ll be the first person I tell.

Thanks. Please also let me know the location of your grave so that I may dance upon it.

If I’m dead, why would I care if you thought it was funny or not? Likewise, why would your dancing location be of any concern?

*Woodlawn Acres Memorial Lawn is in shock after a mob of cemetery attendants bludgeoned to death an unidentified person dancing on a grave.

A spokesman for the National Funeral Directors’ Association said: “Such a heinous act is bound to sully Woodlawn Acres’ image among… ah, who are we kidding? It’s hilarious. This should happen more often.”*

Rand, I’ve arranged to be buried at sea. Knock yourself out.

I’m hijacking a humorous thread here, but as an Indian, this kind of stuff just makes me sad. I can almost see the bastard corrupt little politician who’s stoking the workers’ fires and egging them on in order to win some cheap votes in the next municipal election or score some points off the current administration. It’s a cliche that’s sadly rooted in fact in India. Sons of bitches.

(Oversimplifications ahoy…)
The idealistic views of the political leaders who brought India independence just refuse to work in practice. They were great men who believed in, lived for and died for a cause, and I suppose it was natural for them to hold all humanity in that same regard. Impractical naifs, some would say. “Politics is about serving the people, not personal benefit” was their theory and so government workers are paid a relative pittance in India to this day. Of course, in a country with scarce resources and massive overpopulation, the natural concomitant was widespread abuses of power for personal gain. And there we go.

I did what a lot of Indians have done. I ran away like a coward and became an expat. So now I sit in front of my computer in a first world country, watch 1950s black and white Hindi movie songs on Youtube and weep at the sheer beauty of the music and the poetry of the lyrics. I read books about ancient India, about the Independence movement and I shed more tears about the lionheartedness of the people who created, who unchained my country. I’ve been away so long, my chosen home will probably take me on as a citizen. And yet, I can’t bring myself to give away my black Indian passport, even with all the inconveniences it brings.

I love my India but I will not go back to stay.

:stuck_out_tongue: That was pretty funny.

But you’re still a filthy hippy.

He should have called the Cavalry.


Just popping in to say I appreciated your thoughtful post.

Me too! I’m so sorry

I agree; it was quite moving.