I pit people that like metal

Come on now, metal is trash for 14 year-olds. There’s Mountain and then there’s Deep Purple and a few Black Sabbath tunes, the rest is pure trash.

A parody thread *and *an unattributed quote. My, my.

Unleash the Mods!
Jackboots of doom!
Crushing the sods
That dare break the rules!

They come in a horde
From time’s dark abyss!
Enforcing their will
Pray you’re not on their list!

You misspelled “ov”.

I like “Fuckin Hostile”: its pure wall of sound helps me disconnect from the day’s troubles and go to sleep. I’m in my 60s, so does this make me pit-worthy?

Why do so many people around here use “that” instead of “who” in their thread titles? Is it a metal thing?

No, it’s Mëtäl.

Nah that just makes ya cool. :wink:

Sometimes you just gotta Rage Against the Machine when GodSmack(s) you upside the head.

Why was this thread unlocked! I demand you lock it again immediately!

You stole my thunder there - I was going to Pit people who don’t know that it’s “who” for people and “that” for inanimate objects. :slight_smile:

People who like metal are inanimate objects.

Now with heavy metal umlauts.

Nah. I get around just fine.

Hmmm. Your logic is inescapable.

'cept everything the OP said is wrong lol

Pitting people about their taste in art = fail
Art is subjective.

I’m so fuckin’ metal my umlauts have umlauts.

Just gimme my fuckin’ Pepsi already!!!

What have you got against Iron? Against Gold, Silver, Aluminum?

Oh. Metal music. Nevermind.

Metal with melody can be awesome, as I just recently discovered. Up until then, I thought metal was just the harsh fry vocals, and everything else was another genre. At that point, I would have been closer to agreeing with you.